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--Thomas Jefferson

Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Funnies

Well my friends it's the last Friday of the month. And you know what that means? No? Yeah, I don't know either. But it is Friday Funnies, so if you got yourself a funny, go post it and come back and link it up below!!

So let me ask you what you would do in this situation. You are in your kitchen and you hear your 7 year old say "Mom, my head is stuck!" What do you do?
a. Immediately run to his side and see if you can help?
b. Tell him to hold on, you'll be there in a minute?
c. Tell him he got into that mess he can get himself out?
d. Tell him to hold on because you need to get the camera and take a picture for your blog!

I'll just leave you guessing what I did!

Happy Friday my friends!


  1. Is he stuck in a chair? Poor thing to have his embarrassing situation posted for the world to read about :)

  2. Oh.my.FRIEND!!! LOL!!! That is so funny! Just slightly addicted to blogging - hee,hee. Hold on son - I'm sure you can endure that pain a little longer - hmmm, you don't look stuck or hurt enough - could you twist your head a little more and work up a tear?? LOL :)

    Oh you gave me a good laugh on that one! Hope your son is fine - and laughing with us!

    Big just-one-more-shot-no-wait-you-blinked-just-one-more-before-I-help-you hugs!! :)

    Have a lovely weekend my friend!

  3. I have so done that before. LOL
    Too funny.

  4. That is so funny, Now when something happens the kids don't holler for mama, I just hear a "get the camera!"

    Have a wonderful day

    In HIS Keeping,

  5. Yep, I'd choose "d" !!

    (what is he in, the side of a chair??)


  6. It figures ...you would get the camera! However, I think I might do the same thing too. LOL. That's what happens when you're a blogger, right? Have a great weekend.

  7. Oh yes, get the camera! He is so cute!

  8. I would have taken a picture too! Ha!

  9. Ha,ha!! That's what I would do:-)

  10. Oh that is too extremely funny! I am sure I would have done the same. But at least you have the memory captured in print now! LOL

  11. I have always wondered just why do they put their heads in places they are not designed to?

    1. Because it looked like it could fit and I had to try it.

    2. I was dared to do it by my siblings.

    3. I don't know why I just did.

    4. I wanted to give you a great picture for Friday Funnies!

    I think you need a number 5, all of the above.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  12. Oh boy, our kids are going to grow up and just love seeing all this stuff posted about them! LOL You made me laugh out loud! Something I would do; "Oh, hang on, honey, before I get you out; let me take a pic!" LOLOL

  13. Ha! Too funny!!! But what is his head stuck in???

  14. Look at that picture..oh my!

    Have a great weekend!
    sandy toe

  15. Ha, ha, ha. Good one! (Poor little guy.)

    I hope I'm not too late for the party. Have a good weekend!


  16. LOL! I sometimes forget about taking a pic. So how did he get stuck? :D


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