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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's the Up Side to a Blog!

I've read around blogland lately how women are unplugging for weeks at a time, cutting back from posting and or giving it up completely and I agree that blogging takes discipline and some days I have it and some days, not so much. You have to find YOUR perfect balance. Everyone's life is different and we all have different demands on our time.
Ultimately we all have to do what we feel we are being led to do but let me give you an upside to blogging.
You all remember my post about the two fun weeks I'm planning right?
Well I started gearing up for the Christmas Fun Week and I have to tell you, I haven't been so crafty in all my life. I love to do craft stuff. The fact that I'm able to blog about it and show you all, is just so much fun for me. I am having a blast making these things just so I can show you how to make them too. That week is going to be so much fun. I'm working on a button and the dates and then I'll give you the details about that week. But ultimately I know I probably wouldn't be this motivated if it weren't for the fact that so many of you showed interest in my ideas!

Oh and my house is a whole lot cleaner too. Why? Because who doesn't want to see my totally disorganized, cluttered before pictures just so they can see my totally organized completely clutter free after pictures? You do! Right? Right? Just say "Right" and we'll all sleep better tonight! LOL! Does it all stay that way? Absolutely NOT! LOL
What ever your reason for blogging, do it for you and what makes you happy. Blogging should be fun and not stressful!
So I just wanted to thank you all for hanging with me and making blogging so much fun and worth my while!

Don't forget next week starts my Tried and True Thanksgiving Recipes Week on my cooking blog!
The more the merrier so help spread the word!!


P.S. I ordered my calendar online, so "BLAH!" to the Hallmark store in Viera, FL!!!! LOL
(read yesterdays post if you have no idea what that means!)


  1. Hey Kimmy Kim! :-P (Can I call you that?!)
    I don't think my issue is "blogging" itself...it tends to be everything else on the net drawing me in!

    Actually, what I've ended up doing this week, instead of unplugging COMPLETELY (which is near impossible in today's age - my home school curriculum is actually stored on my computer, for one thing. I need to tap into that during the week), but anyways...I've just been staying unplugged during our lessons in order to keep my brain focused there. And really, it has helped TREMENDOUSLY! Not just for me, but for my kids.

    As far as unplugging goes, I don't know others reasons behind it, but I can tell you mine - it helps to refocus when I challenge myself to just stay away for a few days. Kind of reminds me to get my priorities back in order and remember what a blessing it is to be a stay at home mom! The internet is a great tool, for sure, but if not careful, we can get sucked in by social media and reading hundreds of blogs! :-P

    Blogging itself is fun and very therapeutic for me...but the blogging isn't he big issue...it's EVERYTHING ELSE. :)

    So, I don't know if that gives any insight at all, but just thought I'd share just in case. :)

    Love ya girlie and I look forward to your fun stuff coming up!

  2. Hi Kim,

    I don't leave comments most days, but I do look forward to reading your posts everyday. I am looking forward to the Tried and True recipes and will probably contribute some and make try some of your. I love your chocolate peanut butter cake and have make it several times. Although I'm not as faithful of a blogger as some of the rest of blog world, I still enjoy it in my own way. Just like you said.

    So have a great day!!

  3. Kim, blogging has become such a blessing to me. Writing is actually therapeutic and the love and encouragement I've received from my blogging sisters is amazing. I love it!

    There are some days when I simply don't have the time or maybe I have nothing to say but those days have been rare. I don't blog on Sunday though.

    I love your blog as I always smile reading your posts. Thank you for that Kim. And I look forward to all of your great ideas and recipes.

    Love you,

  4. HOW do you find time to DO all this stuff??!.....Mostly what I mean is, how do you homeschool your kids AND still have time to do this stuff?!!

    If you've got a great secret, OUT WITH IT MISSY!!! LOL! ;)


  5. I love blogging and I LOVE reading your posts, LOL. Unplugging for me would be like punishment. I just wish there was more time in the day! I'm looking forward to seeing your crafty creations too!

  6. Kim,

    You are right on in that we all must find "OUR own perfect balance"

    I love blogging and love to read other blogs....especially yours because HEY I gotta laugh!
    but it has brought out so much in me ~ creativity,
    transparency but more than that......it has given me such a support of friends and prayer warriors! I have learned new things, new recipes, and so on!! I love this blogworld and my daughter has joined in as well and oh my gosh she is an amazing writer...I never knew how good she was!

    I soo look forward to your two weeks of fun and to your posts daily! I love that you are an amazing blogger but that you also visit your followers and love and support them as well, Not everyone does that and it just blesses me that you do!

    love you and can't wait to see your calendar :)

  7. I do love your blog my friend! And I so look forward to your fun weeks! You know that I have a thing for theme weeks! :)

    I have been so blessed from blogging with wonderful friends, new recipes, and great ideas for my household! I would never quit blogging! But for me the stressful part comes because I enjoy blogging and reading blogs so much that I neglect my household duties which then causes me to feel bad and hubby to be unhappy. So I have to be careful to keep myself in check. I think I won't post on Tuesdays anymore and that has already made a difference this week. And (I know it's not your fave thing) I am going to take on a little advertising on my sidebar to bring in a few dollars. I'm excited about it and hubby is delighted, which makes it all worthwhile.

    Every blogger is different and each one needs to know that they don't have to compare themselves with other bloggers. Do what works best for you and your family and find the joy in it!

    And joy is what you bring us each day my friend!! Looking forward to next week! Oh and big HA-take-THAT-sarcastic-Hallmark-lady-hee-hee hugs to you!! Have a fabulous day my friend!

  8. Thanks for your thoughts on this! I love to blog. I've found it to be a welcome release of thoughts, creative energy and just a way to unwind... it's like journaling with a purpose and accountability! I have only been actively blogging for 8 weeks, but have found new friends, and discovered that it seems to help focus me and discipline my creative mind. I love to read other blogs and love to write... it seems like I've found my calling. LOL, or just something to consume me.

  9. I know what you mean, I've had my moments where I think I'll just give up on blogging.

    Instead I just tried to cut down on it, and that definitely helped make it much easier!

    I am not a "crafty" person, but I have friends who are and occasionally they help me make things!

  10. I totally agree...I gave up TV to blog...I love checking in on all my friends and making new ones.

  11. That's the best part of blogging for me too:-)

  12. I think a good blogging rule of thumb for me is priorities such as quiet time/prayer/study first and then I have something to blog about. I love what I learn on other blogs and friendships mean so much to me. I, too, look forward to the Thanksgiving recipes and have your button on my cooking blog.

  13. This was a great post! I have been struggling lately with low energy and very little inspiration to blog. Even though I enjoy it so much, there are times when I just feel empty. And when I finally take a look at my blog I feel even more depressed because no one is visiting! (A very natural result of me not visiting anyone and not posting anything fun...sigh) I'm hoping that I will get a second wind as we are getting closer to the holidays. I guess it is just like you say: I have to find my balance.

    Looking forward to seeing all your Christmas craft projects. Your sewing projects look great by the way:-)

  14. I have a hard time keeping up with posting comments all the time somedays like this week. I love to blog, but then I don't have enough time to read as I want either. Gotta find that balance....

  15. I love blogging about our life now, so that when our girls are grown and have families of their own they can look back and enjoy the pictures and the things I write about. You are right it does take discipline, but so worth it!

    And you get to meet new bloggy friends :D


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