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Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm done.....Well maybe....We'll see....

(WARNING: More of me and my Christmas Addiction! It could be a cry for help! LOL! )

I need to stop. I need to stop going to garage sales and walking down the Christmas aisle of the stores. "Just step away from the Christmas items Ma'am."
My office is over flowing with Christmas stuff that I've purchased within the last 2 months. Granted most of it has been from garage sales and I've spent very little money, but have you gone into the Dollar Stores lately? Oh have mercy, it's just wall to wall fun, bright, Christmasy things that suck me right in! I need intervention. Seriously! I have Thanksgiving to plan, for crying out loud!
I know I've posted about the last few garage sales I've gone too and the Christmas stuff I came home with. Well this past weekend I bought MORE! Okay I spent .30 on 3 boxes of pretty Christmas ornaments. Did I need them? Uh, NO! But for .30 I couldn't pass it up. Oy!

You want proof. I got your proof.
Here's my office!
These are the recent purchases piled onto of this plastic tub. The bag of stuff in the back? Yeah, it's filled with Christmas stuff.
Here are my .30 ornaments and underneath in the box is my 6 wooden reindeer that I got for $2.00.
Yes this whole plastic bin is full of little metal tins, perfect for gift giving.
My problem? I don't want to part with them! LOL! I like them. But I'm going to do it this year. I'm going to give them away with little goodies inside!
Oh and not pictured is the suitcase full of Christmas stuff that I bought at an estate sale that is in the office too!
Yup! It's going to be an interesting Christmas this year. I've never had it so bad!! LOL
Stay tuned....

Oh and a reminder for this fun week! Coming up faster than I want to admit.
And YES, it has to do with Christmas. Go figure!


  1. Why fight it? Just enjoy all the great buys and have an extra merry Christmas this year!!!

    You have found some very cute things!

    Happy Monday to you, Kim.

  2. Garage sales are sooooo addictive! I'm not gonna try to discourage it though. If all you have to spend is .30 cents to make you happy, then my golly Mrs. Jolly you go right ahead! Can't wait for Holly Jolly Week!

  3. Those ornaments are gorgeous! I usually wait until after Thanksgiving to put our tree up, but I am seriously thinking about doing it this week!!!

    I found some small containers last year at a yard sale for practically nothing! I was so excited, because I like to fill them with goodies too and give away!

  4. Really -- I don't see any problem with what you're doing!!!

  5. Hey no one can argue with your addiction...We all have our own and I would say yours may be a bit LESS COSTLY than some others soooo HAVE FUN ;)

    can't wait til Holly Jolly week.....

  6. Admitting you have a problem is the first step:-) Hee, hee, hee:-)

  7. I need to do shopping with you, Kim. You find the best deals! LOL!

  8. You are so funny my friend - when are you going to start putting all of these things out on display? Can't wait to see you make it all work together!

    If you were closer, I'd have you pick me up a few things - LOL! Big put-that-snowman-down-and-back-away hugs to you! Hope you have a lovely Monday full of Christmas decorating dreams! :)

  9. Hey you are my kind of gal, glorying in your Christmas addiction.
    Garage sale finds are so fun, and finding new uses for pretty tins, etc.

  10. I love those tins too. I wait for after Christmas to stock up for the next year. Yep...I think you are almost done:)

  11. ooo..I hope I get one of those cute tins with goodies in it...LOL!

    My address is: _______________________

  12. Kim,

    You need to stop and I need to start hitting the garage sales. Care to go with me? Oh wait how does that help you? You'd be helping me right?

    I guess we'll figure it out in time.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  13. Oh I cannot walk away from good scores either!!! So I'll be an enabler and give you a *high five* on those deals! LOL

    Are those clear balls? We did some great crafts last year with them if you ever want any idea (if you end up scoring 100 more and are running out of ideas.....just sayin')

  14. I say go for the gusto! It's only once a year, right? And it's another couple months till V-day. *heheheh*

    Love ya loads, Noel nut!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  15. Feeling the conviction! The Dollar Stores are great and I've been doing some heavy duty browsing (and buying) myself!!


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