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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gingerbread House Voting Results Are In!

And the winner with (at the time of this post) 9 votes is.......

...The Sugar Shack which was......


Woot! Woot!
Oh I had some of you so fooled! LOL!
I should win something! Maybe I'll treat myself to a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Latte! YUM!

I told my daughter, who by the way decorated the second place winner Methodical Maddess, that everyone is going to think that hers is mine and you did didn't you? Come on admit it. Hee! Hee!

So do you want a run down of the night and all it's glory? Then stick around.

Well after taking family pictures I changed into my gingerbread house decorating attire. What? You don't have special attire for that? Hmmm...
....we then set off to decorating. I have to say that I was very disappointed in the variety of candy this year. My inspiration was squashed and I had to just wing it. As I was over here struggling on what to do.....
.....my daughter was taking the candy from my sons gingerbread house (because it came with different candy) and using it for hers. Hold on now, flag on the play. If I had to use the sorry stuff that was in my gingerbread house kit then shouldn't she? LOL! I kept telling her she was cheating. As you can see it bothered her greatly! Ha! Ha!
Meanwhile on the other side of the table, the boys were having a blast. This was the first time for our youngest to decorate his own. He designed Blizzard barn. And I'm really glad I got this great picture of him with his house. *sigh* What is normal? Oy!
Here's our 7 year old just going to town with those gumdrops. Yes folks he was the creator of Gumdrop Greatness.
And last but certainly not least, my husband. Yes folks he looks completely thrilled in this picture. It could be because he had been holding his roof on for, oh, I don't know, 40 minutes. LOL!! This poor man always has trouble with putting his roof on, or a wall caving in, or pieces breaking off. But he was a trooper and held in there. He as you can see, created The Snowed Inn!
All and all it was yet another fun time of decorating houses!
Let's see if you can guess my house next year! Hee! Hee!
Oh I SO got you! LOL!!



  1. Oh, they turned out so cute! My husband would have that same look on his face if I gave him one to make too! I don't think he would even have the patience to do it! What fun!

  2. Not only did you have the best gingerbread house but you also have great gams!!!

  3. My intermitted connection just ate my comment. Daggonit.

    Anyhow, I'll say simply what I said so eloquently before. I'm bummed I missed the big vote! They all look great, though. TOUGH choice!

    My husband, btw, would have given me that look as he WALKED ON BY the table...and never looked back!

  4. WOOHOO! Great job! Loved the gingerbread house! I do say a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Latte with a dessert of chocolate would be fitting for the queen! :D LOL!

  5. Adorable. Once the real estate market comes back strong, maybe you could be a gingerbread house-stager!

    What fun!!!

  6. Oh you ARE tricky my friend!! And that means I did vote for yours after all, so you have no reason to be mad at me - hee,hee!! I didn't get a chance to come back and tell you what hubs and son liked - they both told me this morning that they liked Methodical Madness best (which is funny because they are both a little on the OCD side!). :)

    You most definitely need to go get that Starbucks Peppermint Mocha!! I just love that you all do this - it's so much fun!

    Big you-have-excellent-gingerbread-house-skills-which-should-take-you-far-in-life hugs to you!! :) Have a wonderful day my friend!!

  7. Oh how fun!!!! Gabriella was so excited to find out who made the one she voted for - funny enough, it was your 7-year old's! Ha ha! (My daughter is 7, too).

    Know what is SO cool!?? After we looked at your houses we were kind of like, "that would be cool to do" (we've never done one before). Later that night, our neighbor came by to let us know they're leaving for Disney the next night and gave us a gift...guess what it was?! A "do it yourself" gingerbread house!!! How cool is that?!
    The kids are super excited and we're going to put ours together on Friday! :)
    My sweet little 7-year old believes it was a gift from God. How could it be otherwise?! Even the little things He cares about!!!

  8. I love the pictures. Congrats on the win! You should treat yourself to that Latte.

  9. Yes, you had me fooled, I thought Kelsey's was yours! However, I still say Brody's is my absolute FAVORITE! :)

  10. I knew it was yours that is why I voted for it...I know how competitive you are. LOL They all turned out great. YOur family is so fun.

  11. You are so funny! You know your readers well!

  12. How fun!
    They all look great. And I am soo loving your decorating outfit. You go girl!

  13. Sooo cute, all of them!!! Yes, we have done our fair share of decorating gingerbread houses over the years, and let me say that I will never be in danger of getting my contractor's license!

    Cute holiday attire but what do you expect for Florida. I, on the other hand, am rockin' the layered look: shirt, sweater or sweatshirt, coat, hat, gloves....yeah.

  14. I can't believe I missed voting this year. I still remember that from last year! So fun that you won. Hopefully I can get caught up in the blog world soon!

  15. Hahaha, congratulations! And you daughter has the makings of an engineer, LOL!

  16. Kim,

    Loved sharing with us all just who created what beautiful creation. The best part of it all, eating it!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat


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