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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Because I Must Have a Bigger Than Average Plate!

I think I'll start every title of my posts this week with the word Because.
Just because I can.
Yup! I am a rebel.

So in between all the unpacking and the making of a new and improved craft/sewing/homeschool room, I got to thinking. (Yes, it does happen every now and again.)
But this is something I've been tossing around for awhile now and have decided to do it.
Because 3 blogs aren't enough. I'm starting a 4th. LOL!
I've recently started a homeschool blog over at Homeschool Blogger.
With my youngest "officially" starting to homeschool next year I thought it would be fun to document their activities and accomplishments in a blog all their own. My hope it that it will give them something to sort of look forward to.
I also need a support group myself. I don't know a whole lot of homeschoolers where I live and those I do know don't live close enough to get together on a regular basis. So this was kind of the next best thing.
If you homeschool yourself and would like to visit me there, here is the link "This Just In.."

It's not going to be something that I post to every day, only when something pertaining to homeschooling is just to good not to share.

Don't you worry, this blog will always be my first love. It's the meat on my plate. The others are just the things you move around your plate to make it look like you ate something but really didn't. LOL! How was that for a visual to bring it all together? Nice!

P.S. I'm making great progress on the "room". It's starting to look a whole lot better.
Well that was until I found 3 more boxes that that I forgot about that need to be unpacked and put away somewhere, in there. No wonder I was having no problem putting all the other things away!




  1. 4? Wow, girl! LOL! :D Now I'm going to have to check it out..

  2. Ooh! Going over right now to find you and link up! I just re-started my blog there after a long hiatus. I also find I need somewhere to blog about hs'ing stuff (despite the large hs community in town, I haven't been able to really connect with anyone personally and that support is so vital!).

    Maria :)

  3. 4 blogs :) OY! But if anyone can do it ~ it's YOU!!

    Pictures....we want pictures! Enjoy your day :)

  4. Hey Kim..it looks great!! How do we follow you?

    I like the planner also..I will be telling my homeschool teacher-daughters about it.Ihomeschooled for 18 years..and now two of the girls that can stay home or homeschooling..what blessings..and trials it can be.

    Your state doesn't have a Homeschool league?

    Anyhoo..sooo glad you are sounding more positive!! Still praying for you.

    Hugs..Cindy from Rick=Rack and Gingham

  5. I homeschool 2 or our kids. One is special needs, the other is gonna be 16 and kinda behind.....gonna check out your blog for HSing.

  6. You're a crazy super-bloggin' woman!! Too bad you're not here - I have lots of home-schooling friends. You need to connect with my super-sweet real life friend Charlotte at Joyful Hearts and Faces (I know you've visited her before) - she is an awesome home-schoolin' mama!

    Big you-just-brought-back-memories-of-how-I-convinced-my-parents-that-I-really-had-taken-the-required-2-bites-of-some-vegetable-I-despised-by-moving-the-food-around-on-the-plate size hugs to you!! Have a fabulous day my friend!!! :)

  7. I have a pretty big plate so, I can relate:-)

  8. You are so funny. Were you hungry when you wrote this post. YOu referenced food alot. I am not hungry. Hope that your plate gets cleared a bit...so you have room for more stuff :)

  9. If you need support you should join a Classical conversations co-op. They are wonderful and support the Charlotte mason fun classical approach! Kinda wish I would have started from the get go with them but they don't have them in WA where I used to be. Here is a link to all the ones in Florida. It is a very strong program and they make things fun and the curriculum is fairly stupid-proof (necessary for me!).

    Hey, how do I subscribe via e-mail? I dont do the rss reader and I rely heavily on e-mail subscriptions to actually read those I follow?

  10. You busy girl - have fun:)!!!


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