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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thank You Very Much!

Welcome to another edition of Thank You Very Much.
This is where you get to be a little sarcastic and thank those things or people around you that may have irritated you "slightly" during the week!

After going to the Orlando Science Center, I want to give a big Thank You Very Much to this guy (below) for not making it to my century. Cause I seriously wouldn't want to have to deal with you during rush hour!

A Thank You Very Much to my youngest for hogging our Redneck Pool!
Move over honey, Mama's hot!

To my 8 year old genius. Thank you very much for feeling the need to have about 1000 of these self portraits on the computer!
Some IN focus....

.....and SOME (most) that are not!

And last but not least, I want to Thank this guy, VERY much for knowing where he belongs.
OUTSIDE and not in my house!

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Have a fabulous day my friends!



  1. G'morn ~ I'll go along with your 'critters' ... yucky things!

    Love the kid-lings ... how precious! & that redneck pool is darling.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. OK, I may not be linking up but this is the PERFECT place to vent my frustrations over what happened yesterday. (see my Facebook for more info on that).

    Thank you very much to my wonderful state for having "No Fault" insurance. The only thing it insures is that the guilty get away while the innocent suffer.

    Thank you very much to my in laws and my husband's co-workers for being SO supportive by pointing out it's "our fault for not having enough insurance" (since we carry PLPD on a van that is 13 years old).

    Thank you very much to Jon's place of work for not providing him with enough hours to live on (due to being 'tech heavy') because it helped us drain our savings account over the last 4 months so we no longer have it for car repairs.

    And last but not least, thank you very much to those out there (in laws being one) who feel the need to point out we HAVE to do SOMETHING, like repair it or buy a new vehicle. Yea, that sounds great...wanna give us the money???

    Whew, I feel a little better. I may have to come back here next week! :-P

  3. LOL at your redneck pool. That is hilarious!! (and looks like fun).

    That spider totally creeps me out. I seriously have chills.

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. LOL! Wow, definitely glad that big guy didn't make it! Funny pics of your son! :D

    Spiders can die! Outside or inside! :D We had a couple of the same outside in some bushes and the kids loved watching them get their food. Ugh!

  5. UGH!! I shivered just thinking about seeing a spider that size!! My two year old is just now starting to do self portraits....I often hide my camera where she cant find it!

  6. Is the spidery guy poisonous? Gives me the heeby geebies looking at him. Though he is one of God's creatures, and I will try to look upon your picture with awe and a distant love in my eyes!! ( ;

  7. Oh man ~

    Swannnnn Diveeeeee! ;) Yep, here is Oklahoma that is just the way we like our pools!!!

    Your boys are so stinkin cute!!!

    That spider is FU- RE- KING ME OUT!!! You are far nicer than I....that sucker would have been D.E.A.D!!

    Love you

  8. Amen to missing the dinosaur era:-)

  9. Hey, if you don't have a pool, why not just make one, right? He's got the right idea!! And he looks adorable.

    As for that creature...I would have grabbed a shoe instead of a camera. So, he ought to be thankful he's there instead of here...or else he would be nowhere!!


  10. LOLOL at the redneck pool - love it!!! Um, I am seriously hyperventilating over that spider. Yikes!!! Blech.

    Big I-wanna-see-a-family-pic-with-each-of-you-in-your-very-own-redneck-pools size hugs to you!! Have a fabulous evening my dear friend! :)

  11. I vote Patti as the funniest comment! That spider better be thankful he was here instead of there or he would of been nowhere! That is a funny line! I'm still crackin up! I seriously have never seen a spider that big, even here! But if I did...I wouldn't have grabbed anything...well, maybe now I would grab Patti...she apparently knows what to do. Love the redneck pool. Golly, tell them to STOP getting so big until I see them again. Really! STOP. I mean it. No one is taking me seriously are they. They can hear my voice and they know it's kind of crackin up huh? Tell them I love them.

    The dinosaur joke...good one! Love ya, honey. Thank you for praying for Josh. I appreciate it more than words can say. ((hugs))

    PS...my verification word is phyto....is that hysterical or what?

  12. OmGosh that spider is just scary. Glad he is not inside.
    Your son and his self portraits crack me up. Too cute. I think I needed that pool today too. It was a scorcher here.

  13. LOL! Love these. You have the best sense of humor!

  14. Is that the SAME spider that is outside my house???? AAAHHHH!!

  15. I had a chuckle over the pool and glad to see that the spider knew where he/she belonged.


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