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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thank You Very Much! The Inanimate Object Edition!

Welcome to another edition of Thank You Very Much. 
This is where you get to be a little sarcastic and thank those things or people around you that may have irritated you "slightly" during the week!

It's been awhile since I've done one, so I'm pretty sure I'm due!
AND I'm sure some of you saw this one coming. I'm just sayin'!

  • To my leather couch, Thank You Very Much for making it miserable to sit on when it's hot. Can you say sticky? Ugh!
  • To my dryer that's right outside my kitchen, Thank You Very Much for raising the temperature at LEAST 6.3 degrees when you are running and making it even more miserable hot inside the house.
  • To our dining room chairs that meet my bare legs during dinner and then refuse to let me up due to the fact that my legs are sweating, give me a break will you, Thank You Very Much.
  •  To my morning coffee, why must you taste so good? I'm sitting here with sweat glistening drips of perspiration making their way down my back while I drink you, Thank You Very Much!
  • To the "cold" water that comes out of the pipes, I can't even get relief with a cold shower because you are still at least 84 degrees, Thank You Very Much!

Well there you have it. You saw that coming didn't you? LOL!
It had to be done. AND I feel a little bit better.
If you'd like to do a little venting of your own, head on over to Kmama's and link up!

Have a FABULOUS day my friends!


  1. They need to make leather couches with built in a/c... Ugh! Heat has been crazy miserable! Hope you are doing better today!

  2. HOly hot batman. I hope you find some relief soon. Good grief.

  3. To the ants that think they are allowed to take up residence in my abode.....Thank you very much.

    To my youngest son who refuses to put his face in the water during swim lessons, but takes half hour showers..Thank you very much.

    To my hormones that keep me up all night and make me want to sleep all day....Thank you very much.

    To my husband who thinks we should have another "little one" since I'm already on a newborn's sleep schedule.....Thank you very much.

  4. I feel the same way about the leather seats in my truck. I hate having to peel myself off of them. Blech.

    I can't believe how hot it's been this summer. last summer we only had a couple hot days. This year, it's been hot all but a few days.

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. You will laugh at this...but when we lived in Florida, I liked my pool best when it's temperature was only slightly below body temperature...about 96 degrees!! I'm serious!!!

    I really am loving the heat. I readily admit, though, that we're not as hot as you are (high 90's...today 101), and we have low humidity. Even if I wasn't liking it, however, I just CAN'T complain. Not when I carried on about the cold for 8 long months.

    I keep a journal, and in late May I was whining that it was 45 degrees and windy...and even the 1st day of June, I wrote that I was still wearing my winter pajamas.

    So, if I DO start to whine about the heat, bop me upside the head, will ya? Remind me of how much I HATE cold.

    Love and hugs,

  6. I feel your pain. It is HOT in our part of Texas. We normally have dry heat but it has been humid hot and our faces are melting off. The heat makes everyone kind of cranky and makes me really not ready to start back to school....ahhh!

  7. I feel your pain. It is HOT in our part of Texas. We normally have dry heat but it has been humid hot and our faces are melting off. The heat makes everyone kind of cranky and makes me really not ready to start back to school....ahhh!

  8. Yikes my bestest!!!! Is it seriously that hot in your house? Is there a prob with the A/C???? You have a beefier one than ours,..hmmm, but you have a bigger house too, that could be it....sad to hear you are sweating through coffee...THAT is not good. :)
    I love you!

  9. Every time I see a piece of furniture that is leather the first thing I think of is sticking to it when it gets hot! My mother in law has leather interior in her car and whenever I ride with her I bring a blanket or a towel because it seems like no matter how cool it is in the car I always stick!

    Hope you have a great rest of the week and weekend!

  10. Just so you all know, we do have a/c but in order for it not to run constantly we have to keep it at 80 and for inside the house, that's pretty hot. And then there are hot spots like the kitchen, laundry room etc that make it even hotter. UGH!
    If we were made of money I would have my a/c turned down to 76! Oh yes I would. LOL! Even at 80 our bill is over $230.00 a month! Yuck!

  11. Oh boy! I did know this one was coming :) I couldn't even begin to convince my husband to turn it up to 80! Man oh man would I like to....well, maybe not! LOL

    Try to stay cool and hey! go get some fans ;)

    Love ya

  12. Sorry about the heat! We'd gladly share some of our overcast "summer" weather!

    Hope it lets up soon!

  13. New Follower here :) Thanks for visiting my blog today! I am in complete agreement about the coffee. My coffee pot can't be finished brewing soon enough!!

  14. Isn't it just amazing how much these seemingly simply inanimate objects can affect us?! This was a great "edition!"

    Hopefully I can get back to my blog and join in these things again soon...summer camp season is over and we'll back to a slower, more even-paced routine before long.

    Kinda sad, actually... :(


  15. Kim,

    Oh I truly have been in each of those circumstances during the hot sticky days of summer. Praying that these days don't last much longer and that cooler temps are headed your way soon.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  16. Hmmmmmm, somebody is hot today! It's only in the 80's here, which is plenty. It will be cooling off to the 70's starting tomorrow thru next week. Hop on a plane, my friend!

  17. You poor poor thing!! We were cold yesterday 'cause we went to San Francisco! It was freezing on the beach (less than 60 degrees and a cold wind)! I shoulda passed some of it your way! :)

    Big shouldn't-you-be-drinking-iced-coffee-instead size hugs to you! Love you my friend! :)


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