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--Thomas Jefferson

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Funnies!

Happy Friday Everyone!!
It's my favorite day of the week. The day we get to take a little time and get in some giggles to finish off the week. Who doesn't need that?
If you have a family friendly funny to share, please link up below.
It can be a video, story, picture etc.

I knew when my great friend Lisa posted this on FB I would have to use it as my funny. 
It's probably even funnier to me because of the video Lisa and I made.

I could so see myself doing that! 
If you have the hankerin' to make your own and you haven't watched mine and Lisa's video, feel free to snag the recipe here!




  1. LOL! That is hilarious!

    So glad you posted that recipe, because it delish !! :)

  2. Seriously laughing out LOUD! That was too funny! Reminds me of something my husband would do...not at Starbucks...but at home! Thanks for the giggles to start my day!
    Peace and blessings to your day!

  3. That was a good one! Thanks for sharing!


  4. This is so funny and I can actually see you doing something like this Kim!


  5. That's too funny.. I think he's had to much Pumpkin Spice Latte.. LOL

    Thanks for hooking me up!

  6. OH! LOLOLOLOL...that was so funny! ha ha ha ha ha...I love it,...

  7. ...he doesn't really work here!!

    Hahah!! I love it :)

    Thank you for the morning giggle!!

  8. Very funny and seasonal! Happy Friday, Kim.

  9. Oh LOLOLOLOL I can soooooo see you doing that!! I love it " but I do have an application in!" hahahaha

    thanks for the laugh and thanks for linkin me up :)

    Happy friday! I may have to put this one up on FB! it is toooo good!

  10. I just love this my friend and it IS funnier since we did our own video! Oh, if only we had seen this earlier - we could have been hanging out in your Starbucks the WHOLE time - LOL!!

    Big now-where-can-I-find-a-green-apron size hugs to you!! Have a fabulous day my friend! Love ya!!

  11. OMGosh that is so funny. I am that excited about the pumpkin spice too. So glad starbucks introduced them. LOL

  12. LOLOL! I did NOT see that coming! Tooooo funny! SO, next week you'll post the video of you and Kathy doing that, right? *ggggg*

    Almost as funny as Duller and me... I impressed upon him that he needed to get to the PO as early as possible. He did. Later, we realized our mistake. Each of us thought the other had added a 2¢ stamp (I have a buncha 42's)! So I'm just HOPING it'll get there, anyhow. If it does, you're now forewarned... there will be postage due. LOLOL!

    Love ya loads, pumpkin pal!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  13. Oh how I've missed you! :)


  14. Hilarious!! That guy is nuts!!

    Thanks for linking me up!!

    Have a fabulous weekend!!
    Love and Blessings

  15. LOL!! I love the pumpkin meet spice part and how is voice went up an octave or two =D Have a bless weekend!!!


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