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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I’m Such a Liar!

It’s time for a dose of reality!

Does anyone else have peeves with themselves? You know, the little (or big) things that irritate you about yourself.

I do.

Two and a half years ago I wrote this post about procrastination. It was all about how I was going to turn over a new leaf and stop putting things off and blah blah blah. Obviously that leaf was a lot harder to turn than I had expected.

This has been a very busy time in our lives. Moving is hard. There is still so much left to do here and that’s above and beyond the “normal” every day things that need to be done. It seems that by the time I get all the everyday things done it doesn’t leave much room for the above and beyond things associated with the move.

So here is my question to you. In your cyber travels have you come across any helpful plans or systems or advice in getting it done? Something doable. As much as I’d like to be a list maker, I’m not. I try, but then I never look at it again. I need something that works for me but I’m not sure what that is yet. LOL!

Meanwhile in another part of the home, the painting jobs are coming along. We actually started painting our room. But now our bedroom furniture looks funky against the new color. LOL! So guess what I’ll be doing “someday”? Yup, painting our bedroom furniture. Actually I’ve been wanting to do it for some time but now I have a valid excuse because it really does look bad with the new color.

Our daughter’s walls look FABULOUS. LOVE LOVE the new color. Don’t worry pictures will come.

I’m going to go be productive. I think, I don’t know, probably not. LOL! I’m not making any promises.



  1. I set a daily goal to finish SOMETHING that is looming and I don't allow myself any privileges until it is done. I can't move on to anything else until its done either. An elephant...one bite at a time..can't stand for things to drag on!

  2. I can totally relate!

    Here are a few things that have helped me at various times through out my life.


    a variation on a list is a card and envelope list..this one did work for me for quite a while although I don't use it now. Put a separate task on each card with an envelope for each day of the week. If you don't get all the cards done for the day, you are not allowed to roll forward to the next day...the task doesn't get another opportunity until the next week. That provides a bigger incentive to finish each day's cards.

    For me to say I'll do it tomorrow is so easy and so it just keeps rolling forward forever. But to realize I'm not putting it off a day but a whole week is less acceptable in my mind.

    Hope you find something that works for you!

  3. I was going to offer FlyLady, as well, but I was thinking that her "15 minute" rule would work well for you.

    She says to set your kitchen timer for 15 min. Then head off to work on one area that needs work. When the timer goes off, go do something else. Just spending 15 minutes at a time in each area will have big results by the end of the week.
    She also says not to pull out more than what can be done in 1 hour. If you do, you'll become overwhelmed and not finish the task.

    It's the little by little that helps the most.

  4. I agree with Karen, flylady is a fantastic website. And I should probably get back to following her. I am a list maker and for some weird reason, I get major satisfaction out of making a huge list and then getting to check off my tasks one by one. I know...weird! But, it works for me and it helps me stay on track...except for my office right now. Ha! It's at the bottom of the list right above weed the raised garden beds. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. I hate my weight. I have been telling my friends that if I conquered my weight I would be perfect. Ha, ha, ha.

  6. No advice here! I seem to find myself in the same web as you most of the time and we did not just move. Just the web of everyday doings that get pushed aside over here. But I have learned to take it all in stride and enjoy my days anyways even if not one extra thing gets done that day. Otherwise everyday feels like it begins to strangle me. It looks like you have gotten a couple of nice leads for ideas. I hope they help! And I hope you enjoy your day!

  7. I put my list on a small magnetic white board on my fridge. Then once I finish something I can mark it off. It makes me feel good to see all the things with lines through them... silly, I know. But it works.

    You might be interested in this blog that I read yesterday. She contained a link or two that help her with household management:

  8. OK - so then I'm sure I'm a liar too as I've said I would change many a time - LOL!!

    I like Flylady, but it doesn't work for me - totally overwhelmed me. Though I do like the 15 minute concept. I also tried a planner that had lots of little daily tasks plus some for each day of the week - but I never could check everything off that was listed for 1 day - ack!

    The last organization book I read said that you have to make your own system because what motivates some won't motivate others, etc. and you might have different tasks that need doing. It also suggested building in rewards too for accomplishing tasks - even if it's little things like a facebook break.

    I'm retrying my own system that I made up last year and I think it's the best for me 'cause it's simple. I have a very short list of daily tasks and then a theme for each day of the week so I try to do things associated with the theme. Plus I have monthly goals/projects. I'll blog my little system on my sorta secret blog in the next few days.

    Also, I've found that if it isn't written down - I will conveniently forget to do it! :)

    Sorry for the book my friend - I hope you find a good system and then share it!

    Big I-was-going-to-try-and-figure-out-why-I'm-such-a-procrastinator-but-I-think-I'll-wait-until-later size hugs to you!! Happy Wednesday my friend! Love ya!! :)

  9. Hi Kim..I am just doing some catching up..and I see you are in a dilema..a life one..a house one..a it will drag me down one.
    Now I am queen of list making..I do drive those around me crazy..so I read on today's post that you are not a list person.hmmmmm

    You have a great sense of humor
    you have your kiddos at home...make games or contest out of it..we do that alot.
    Actualy have some prizes!Great motivators. If you are feeling overwhelm..I bet your kids are too..and they just might need some cheering up.

    I will keep you in my prayers..

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  10. I left a post ..but I remember this..I always start a room on the left on move around it..instead of crossing it.
    I also start my cleaning in one room and finish the room.
    setting stuff in a basket to be carried to another room and having a cleaning basket and a trash bag.
    This is how housekeepers do it..my sister in law is one and she said it saves so much time..left to right out the door..next room.
    Or if you are still unpacking the process would work..by unpacking all boxes and putting everything into piles for delivery to said areas.
    I wish I lived closer I would come help!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  11. Ok, I am just catching up with you :)

    Here is my suggestion:

    We have weekly family meetings usually on Sunday afternoon. We discuss:

    *What each family members activities are for the week:
    *Ask each one to request what they would like for the menu that week
    *Prayers needs/and or concerns
    *Share anything of importance

    I am thinking that if you all did this you could share with each of the kids what needs to be done each week and delegate who can do what to get it accomplished.
    (You are a team and can operate as one instead of Mom or Dad doing it all) Allowing your kids to join in and help makes them feel like they are contributing and saves you time and energy.

    The end ♥


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