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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why I Enjoy Line Drying So Much!

Well it’s been about 4 months and I’m still going strong with the whole line drying thing. It was something that happened quite by accident. I really hadn’t given line drying a second thought when we moved in because I didn’t do it where we moved from, so why should I worry about it now? But there was this thing that was bolted onto the side of the screen porch and I had no idea what it was until Kathy came over and and was like, “Oh, that’s a retractable clothesline. See you just pull it out, hook it on the other end then make it tight by pushing this thing over.” Uh, what? Can you explain that again? LOL!

But what that did was get me to thinking. And once I get to thinking there’s no stopping me. Just get out of the way, the thinking train is a comin’. I decided to do a little experiment on just the money we could save, which I posted about here.

But then something happened. I found myself REALLY enjoying the whole process.

A. I get my vitamin D each day.

B. It just plain gets me outside to enjoy nature. I love listening to the birds and feeling the breeze on my face.

C. It’s saving us tons of money. YES!

D. I get to wear a really cute apron that I made out of an old sheet I bought at a thrift store,  to hold the clothes pins.

IMG_1713 IMG_1716

E. There is a gardenia “tree” right next to where I hang the clothes and it smells heavenly.

IMG_1876 IMG_1881

F. It does something to my hubby because he’ll walk by while I’m doing it and whistle and start carrying on like he’s a school boy. LOL! Must be the money I’m saving him. Hey if that’s all it takes I’d be out here in sub zero weather. LOL!

I admit it’s getting a little warm out there these days (low 90’s) but if I time it right it’s not so bad.

What chore brings you unexpected pleasure?



  1. "What chore brings unexpected pleasure?" Is that an oxymoron or what?! Ha! We have been having 106 degree temps with winds blazing around 40 mph. If I put my laundry on the clothes line you might have to pick them up for me in Florida. Ha! I love doing yard work...really I do. I would rather mow than vacuum any day.

  2. That one. That is my answer to your question...my favorite chore is the same as yours :)

    I love it when the breeze is "just right" and the sun is warm on my face.

    I get giddy when I can step outside and as I pin clothes to the line, I see the gorgeous Florida blue sky dotted with white puffy clouds, hear birds singing, squirrells running across tree bark, the neighbors grandson laughing in the pool, see my precious pup laying on her side soaking in the sun, and smell Confederate Jasmine blooming.

    It doesn't seem to matter that these days there is a trickle of swear running down my neck, I just love hanging out my clothes, and burying my face in them as I pull them down, ... because they smell just like sunshine! :)

    I giggle as I'm out there thinking of my perfectly good and very efficient gas dryer that is only used on rainy days or for big blankets.... I just don't care. :)

  3. My Kimberly who lives in Abilene Tx..recently had 108 temp with 30 miles per hour wind..one load was totally dried in 12 minutes..sheets took 8 minutes..they were having fun washing and timing stuff.They used it as a homeschool project..lol

    I miss my clothesline..we have sooo many trees and birds..which equal poop on clothes.It use to be where the pool is now.Sad!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  4. ha ha, I feel the same way right now! It is so fun to do. Hubbies think it's cute, so how can it get any better? :)

  5. My husband doesn't like his clothes line dried. He says they aren't as soft and wrinkle free, no matter what fabric softener I have tried. In fact, he hates it so much that he has spent almost $300 trying to fix our old dryer that was on it's last leg 3 years ago when we bought it used for $150... He said the next time it breaks he's just going to spring for a new one...

  6. Definitely in love with my five line retractable clothesline. I was out there today in the 90 plus temperatures hanging out my clothes. But here is my problem - I want someone to fold it all for me and put it away. When you find out how to work that out let me know!

  7. really sounds awesome! I would have to say taking care of my flower beds has been sooo enjoyable. We too, are having 90 degree weather so being out there to water is a MUST right now! It is not usually this hot yet but I am not complaining :)

    I will do anything chore wise outside but you have to drag me inside....I HATE ALL INSIDE CHORES LOL

  8. So nice my friend!! Glad you are enjoying it and saving money at the same time! Yay!!

    Big chore-and-pleasure-are-not-two-words-that-I-use-in-a-sentence-together size hugs to you!! Love you! :)


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