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Monday, June 13, 2011

30 Day Photo Fun! Day 13 Reminds You of Childhood

When I saw today’s challenge I knew exactly what I was going to take a picture of.



Yes folks, this is MY original Lite-Brite, in it’s original box and I’m pretty sure it even has the original light bulb in it. I was 8 when my parents bought me this for Christmas. I played with this ALL the time.


Believe it or not there were even some unused papers in there so I could write this Happy Birthday sign to my son who is turning 9 today. So it worked out perfect!

I took this picture in the closet so you could see it better!


I loved my Lite-Brite!

And for your viewing pleasure. The original commercial. Boy did THIS bring back the memories. Enjoy!


What thing brings a childhood memory to your mind?


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  1. I LOVED my Lite Brite! To this day, it is one of the best Christmas gifts I ever got.

  2. I remember Lite Brite too..even though I was older and it belonged to my little brother. It was so cool! Thanks for the memory!!
    Thanks for the visit and I would gladly share my jelly with you if you were my neighbor!! :)
    Have a great week!

  3. I LOVED my LiteBrite too! What great memories! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. I never had one ~ I was SO jealous!!! I think it's very cool you still have yours from childhood.

  5. Record-breaking number of comments today compared to the last few days - LOL! :)

    I loved Lite Brite!! My sis and I got it for Christmas too! So funny that you still have it! I do still have my "Life" board game with an 80's family on the front.

    Big can't-believe-you-didn't-have-this-in-the-cottage-saying-welcome-when-I-was-there size hugs to you!! Love ya!! Hope you had a super day! :)

  6. I never had one of these, if I was much younger I would be very jealous!!

  7. Wow, I'm totally diggin' that catchy song! I loved my lightbright too. :)

  8. You're funny! Had the same box at my house...and I got it for Christmas, too. Hope your son has a great birthday!

  9. Oh my gosh Kim!! I LOVED my lite-brite tooo!! I spent hours and hours in my room making pictures :)
    Thanks for taking us down memory lane !! What a treat and Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!!


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