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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

30 Day Photo Fun! Day 14-Someone you love Day 15-Action

Day 14 of the photo challenge was another no brainer. I picked my hubbalicious for my subject!

He rocks my world. He melts my butter. He’s the chocolate to my peanut butter. I love him with all of my heart! So here he is.

Someone I Love!


Day 15 is ACTION!

Most of you will laugh because you know of my love of line drying so I of course had to use this opportunity of clothes flapping in the wind as my next subject!

It also didn’t hurt that I was doing my sons’ laundry this day, so there were no granny panties waving the white flag of surrender. That’s not so pretty. Ha! Ha! Oh you know you’d love to be my neighbor. Hee! Hee!



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Have a SUPER DUPER day my friends!


  1. Great photo of Brad!! So glad I had a chance to meet him.

    I love the way the laundry is flapping in the breeze. What a fun photo!

    Hope you're having a great day.


  2. Hello, to Mister Hubbalicious!!!

  3. Aw - very nice pic of your hubs and nice-lookin' laundry!

    Glad I was able to squeeze this comment in amongst all the others. ;) I still just have your comment on my post today - L.O.L.!!! :)

    Big thank-you-for-not-subjecting-us-to-pics-of-underwear-on-the-line size hugs to you!!!

    Lovely chatting with you! Thanks for putting up with my giggles! ~giggle~ :)

  4. Awww! You lovebird you!! :)

    I have been meaning to email you and tell you I actually put some clothes out on the line to dry. I won't even tell you what the line is for (hee hee) but OMG you can't even believe the reaction I have gotten .... I think my neighbor pulled every single family member outside. I also think they might have been discussing my sanity. LOLOL You know what..... I do not care :) My husband even was like ... WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Then he proceeded to tell me he is pretty sure our home owners assoc. forbids that. SHEESH! Leave it to me to buck the system :) and YES I will be doing it again!!! CALL ME A REBEL!

    Love you!


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