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Thursday, June 2, 2011

30 Day Photo Fun! Day 2 My Favorite Shoes


I don’t have shoes like most women have shoes. I’m not a “shoe shopper”. I do however have a thing for flip flops. Since I live in sunny Florida they have become my staple of footwear. I even have the flip flop tan to prove it. LOL!

Clearly it’s getting out of hand though. This is my floor and only half of my flops.


I just kind of walk out of them and walk into a new pair. The other half are actually in the closet. I have a rotating system that nobody can mess with. Ha! Ha!

But my favorite favorite pair are these.


They are from Yellow Box and are VERY comfortable, not to mention cute!

So there you have it. My favorite “shoe”.

Join the Flikr group to join in the fun!

What’s your favorite shoe to wear?

Have a FABULOUS day my friends.


  1. I'm living in my yellow box flip flops and my Reef flip flops this summer too. Love them!

  2. I own a whopping 7 pairs of shoes.that includes church..gardening and tennis shoes.Sad I know!!

    My girls have at leat 45 each..wow..I am so simple..lol

    Love what you are doing.

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. Well, this 30 day challenge just looks too exciting not to join in.. LOL...so I am also going to do it. After seeing your lovely self portrait (and I do mean that)...I felt that I could do it too...as much as I can't stand taking photos of myself..ugh. :) And Um, yeah, I want to show off my shoes too! hee hee


  4. Yeah, I've got about 7 pairs of shoes, too. There might be a few more forgotten ones kickin' around somewhere... Oh, and do winter boots count? That adds 2 more!

    I wish we had more time for flip flops, but I will be thankful we get the time that we do! I need to find me some really good ones. I have a couple pairs, but none that are good for anything but home really.

  5. love YellowBox flip flops! They are awesome for sure!!

    I live in flip flops during the summer and spring and try to most of the fall....I know you NEVER have to let go of them.....you florida sunshiney warm weathered year-round girl you!

    I might do friday funny so I hope you don't care!!??

  6. Lovin' your flip-flops my friend - cute! I definitely have more shoes than you, but I don't think I have near as many as a lot of women I know. And I recently got 2 cute new pairs of flip-flops! Oh and to thank me for entering her grades in the computer all year, B's teacher gave me a SB gift card and a card to a shoe place!! I've never been *forced* like that to go buy cute shoes! :)

    Big don't-flip-the-flip-flop-rotation-system-or-it'll-flop size hugs to you!! Love ya! :)


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