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--Thomas Jefferson

Monday, June 6, 2011

30 Day Photo Fun! Day 6- Books


When this day came around I had a hard time deciding what books to take pictures of. I have so many.

But I thought I would show you what sits on my coffee table right now because these are usually the books we love the most at any given time.


But these books here have a special place in my heart because they represent my favorite time of year! CHRISTMAS!!


What kind of books are your favorite?

For more entries click here.

Have a SUPER DUPER day my friends!

Oh and I’ve been told that some people are having a hard time leaving comments that don’t have a blogger account. I hope this is the reason I haven’t heard from you! Because I do miss you!


  1. I love your Christmas book display! It's perfectly wonderful! Have a blessed day, sweet friend.

  2. It has something to do with google account and computers. You have to undo something about pop ups on your computer in order to leave comments. I don't know how to do it but I found I could leave comments through my iPad.

  3. I thought for sure you were gonna say those books were your favorite because they were red.

  4. I love cookbooks, inspirational books, Craft books...

  5. I love the Christmas book display, too! It pops on that white shelf!

  6. Great books Kim! So on the first picture which of those books would you recommend the MOST?

    I love your Christmas books :) WOW! You should never run out of ideas or recipes during Christmas LOL

    Love ya

  7. Wow...ok, now I have not seen all your GP books together in one place in a long time...the collection has grown. I am officially awarding you with the GPO Award (Gooseberry Patch Obsession), hee hee hee... :)

    Love you my bestest!

  8. Luv Christian books that make moi laugh. Your blog is like that... A daily dose of "real as it gets" life and of course laughter!

  9. Those look like some great books my friend! I need to get a couple of those. I'll just stop by to borrow them - HA!

    Big you-have-um-a-sort-of-*slight*-obsession-with-Christmas-maybe size hugs to you!! Love ya my super sweet red-lovin' friend! :)

  10. I love GOOD Christian fiction like Francine Rivers, Lynn Austin or Tricia Goyer. They are my favorite authors. There are too many cheesy Christian authors out there. I like something with meat and edge to it in a story that captivates my attention. Oh and I love cookbooks, too :)

  11. I am a sucker for books and bookshelves! I LOVE your picture. I think I always wanted my house to look like a library! LOL


I really appreciate the time you take to leave a comment. Thank you!

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