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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fingers + Paint = FUN!

When I was putting our Summer Fun plan together the thought of finger painting came to mind. I hadn’t finger painted in many many many years. Like, since elementary school. But let me tell you something. It is soooo therapeutic. There’s something about getting your hands all in the paint and swooshing it around on the paper that makes you feel a little like a rebel. “I’m not using a paint brush. I’m not using a paint brush.” tap danced it’s way around my brain as I was probably having WAY to much fun for a 40 year old with paint all over her fingers.

But really, this wasn’t about me was it? Or was it? LOL!

As you can see the kids had fun too.

Little man acted like he’d been finger painting his whole life and sadly this was his first time. But oh so not my his last!



Middle Man was little unsure at first and had issues with how to switch colors. This is when Little Man chimed in and said, “Just wipe it off on the newspaper!” Ah…This set Middle Man a little more at ease, I think.

Here he is realizing that he wants to switch colors. See the concern on his face? LOL!



My daughter was a pro. She’s done it before. She asked no questions and got straight to work on her pieces of finger painting art. Might I note that I love having a teenager who loves to have fun with the family and be silly?



Here you can see some of the finished pieces and my kids acting all innocent. Those two sweet angelic faces had just wiped paint all over each other. Uh, huh!


Since there was no way anyone was going to use the camera while finger painting, sadly there are no pictures of me in action. BUT I have my finished masterpiece right here. Ha! HA!


I call it “A Flower in Van Gogh’s Hair”!  LOL!

So there you have it. More Summer Fun from the homestead!




  1. What fun! Can I come live with you for the summer?!

    I love the expression on Middle Man's face. Must. Change. Colors. Neatly. hahaha!!!!! I can so relate!

  2. Love it....yours is the best just fyi, but I may be a bit biased in my judging. Ha! Have you tried fingerpainting with pudding? It's fun and yummy too. I made PW's iced coffee this morning...and wow! I feel like I could run a marathon, but it's already 98 degrees outside and I haven't run in years, so I think I'll just do some laundry instead. Ha! Have a blessed day.

  3. I totally thought Van Gogh before I read what you wrote...oh yeah! Um, but I think Van was a bit baldish...so it may have to be "A flower from Van Gogh's garden"?? lol. Looks like a fun day at the Big W Ranch. :)

  4. You are so right...it is therapeutic if you can stand being messy. Lol. This coming from a germaphobic neat freak...whose kids could care less about either. Lol. They love to paint. Great painting too. I am so not artistic.
    Hugs, mimi

  5. I am so blessed by all of your fun summer games with your kids. I appreciate that you are stopping life and getting messy just for the fun of it...although A Flower in Van Gogh's Hair is pretty awesome! Lisa~

  6. Hi Kim,
    I dont have your email address. I was trying to get info on Kathy's cake class, if she still has room. Would you pass this along to her?

  7. Ok Kim....Your pic should sooo be framed! So are you keeping a journal of sorts of all you do this summer?

  8. Love it all my friend! Looks like lotso fun! I haven't finger-painted in many many years. I do remember my son trying it a few years ago and he didn't like the messiness of it - LOL!

    Big you-picked-these-projects-just-so-you-could-show-off-your-art-skillz size hugs to you!! LOL! Love your art and you my friend! Have a super wonderful day!


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