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Friday, July 15, 2011

Wrapping Up the Summer Garden!

As most of you know our planting time is Florida is WAY earlier then most of the country. We’ve been harvesting different veggies for months now. We’ve pushed our over abundance of squash and zucchini on anyone that would take it, but we are ready for a Summer break. It’s REALLY hot here right now and not a whole lot of things want to grow in this extreme heat nor do we want to be out in it.

We had quite a drought here about a month back and a lot of our watermelons and cantaloupes didn’t make it. We then had an influx of rain and a lot of them split open and or rotted. *sigh*

We did manage to get a few and what we did get was delicious!



So this will wrap up the garden for the Summer. My hubby is getting ready to turn everything in and throw oak leaves over it and let it sit for a couple months. But watch out, because Fall planting is right around the corner and we have some yummy veggies we want to try this year.

If you started growing any kind of veggies this year, when did you start planting?



  1. Beautiful pictures! Watermelons are some of my favorite things to grow in the garden. It is so exciting when they are ready to harvest and eat.

  2. HA, we can't plant until about the third week in May, and by the end of August/beginning of September everything has to come out because overnight frost is a common occurrence. I just can't even comprehend having a summer garden, a fall garden, AND TIME IN BETWEEN THE TWO!!!!!!

  3. I don't think I could garden year round even though I just love planting and harvesting. If we gardened all year, we'd not get much else accomplished. I could do with a little longer growing season, but after harvesting and packing away the veggies, I'm ready for a snooze.

    I wish we could grow watermelons... not here... to short :(

    Hope you have a nice break... go to the beach for me.

  4. Your garden totally rocked my friend!! Once again we didn't get anything planted. Still trying to finish up landscaping, but at least we got some more of that done. Still more to do though! Let's hope for planting a few veggies next year!

    Big why-don't-you-try-canning-watermelon-since-you-do-so-much-canning-hee,hee size hugs to you!!! Have you ever tried making pickled watermelon rind? I keep wanting to try that (it's refrigerated, not canned). Love you my friend! :)

  5. That watermelon looks great! We had a bunch of cut worms take out our squash and melons. :(

  6. TWO garden seasons...spring and fall? WOW! Who knew. We have one here. Those watermelon look sooooo yummy! Made my mouth water just looking at the photos!
    Hope you're doing well. We have some of your weather here this weekend. It's HOT and HUMID! Looking as though we'll be in the 90s. Could cut the air with a knife it's so thick!
    Peace and blessings.

  7. Yummy...them watermelons look delicious. You have quite the green thumb Missy!

    I grew cilantro, basil and thyme along with some tomatoes. Was the first year I actually was able to use what I grew :) twas awesome! Sure tasted better than what I buy at the store too!


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