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--Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Fun? Tooth Pulling?

I decided that I wasn’t going to join in this particular Summer fun activity. Well just about everyone decided not to participate. LOL! All except for this little guy.


And what better place to pull it, then in church.  Raise your hand if your kid has ever pulled a tooth in church. We weren’t there 5 minutes and it was out. Thank goodness hubby carries a handkerchief in his pocket.

I’m pretty sure little man spent the rest of the service sticking his tongue in the newly formed hole in his mouth. How can you not? 


Well, my Summer Fun posts will be winding down pretty soon as I will be gearing up to start homeschooling again in August. (Those of you who follow my homeschool blog I promise their will be more posts this year. LOL!) This blog should be back to it’s regularly scheduled and highly informational posts real soon. *wink* 

Oh and I just received another Gooseberry Patch book to review and giveaway so be watching for that!!



  1. He looks so proud! Can't believe summer is winding down. It is going by too quickly.

  2. He looks adorable!! Is this his first lost tooth?

    I remember when Garrett (about 6 at the time) had 2 upper teeth missing at the same time. It gave him the cutest little lisp. He told me he was buying me a "juither" for Christmas. (That would be a juicer.)

    Does the tooth fairy come to your house? She didn't come to ours...but mommy would take the tooth and leave a wee something on their pillow.

    Have a great day, dear friend.


  3. Summer just started for us......well about 3 weeks.... So I'm ignoring your homeschool commento!! Well, my kiddos go to all kinds of camps.. So technically we are already counting days. (;

  4. Aww - so cute!! And I refuse to start my homeschool adventure in August - LOL! I'll be starting in September! :)

    Big better-to-yank-the-tooth-out-than-gross-out-your-parents-by-moving-it-side-to-side-while-still-hanging-on-the-gum size hugs to you!! LOL! Love you my friend! :)

  5. Awww...soo cute! Miss those days!

    don't even mention the "s" word!!! Don't.want.to.think.about.it!


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