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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Have Gift Card, Will Shop!

It’s been awhile since I went on a shopping spree. I think it was actually 09’ when I last went. Well a very dear friend of mine had sent me a few gift cards to some fun places, for my birthday and I had yet to use them. PLUS, my most excellent Mom and Dad had sent me some birthday money as well and I’m pretty sure it was burning a hole in my pocket. So before it got absorbed into the grocery money, I figured I better make hast and spend it on me. LOL!

So without further ado, Kim’s Shopping Trip 11’.

Who better to go with me then my very best friend on the planet, Kathy. We started off at Steinmart. I usually don’t like Steinmart because they are so crazy expensive but I had a 50% off Red Dot Clearance coupon so I felt the need to at least give it a shot. I did end up getting a very nice shirt for $10.00. But I can’t show it to you right now because I’m washing it. What I can show you is the fun Kathy and I had in the hat department.

They had some really crazy headbands. These are just a couple of them.


Kathy looks like she’s getting ready to go to Paris. LOL!

P8300571 P8300570

We calmly and quietly left Steinmart before security threw us out for having too much fun and was on our way to The Avenue in Viera. It’s just a place where there are a whole bunch of stores close by.

One of my gift cards was for Ross, where I picked up these adorable bowls and a straw holder, because we like straws and they had no holder.


While there we decided that we would each pick out a pair of shoes for the other to try on and of course my BFF picks the highest shoes she can find. So then I followed suit by picking up some seriously insane high heels for her.I didn’t dare move because I was afraid I’d twist my ankle and fall, because I’m that graceful.

P8300574 P8300573

P8300576 P8300575

After our little run way show at Ross’s we ventured over to Pier One Imports.

Here we found some really cook masks to try on. Masquerade Ball anyone?


No we didn’t buy them. I’ve never been invited to a masquerade ball but if I ever do I know where to go for a mask.

I left there with a candle and a present for my daughter. Yes, I used part of my gift card for my daughter. What can I say? I’m good like that.

By now we were starting to get a little hungry so we went to the Pita Stop and had lunch. We walked around Charming Charlies and Bed Bath and Beyond. In the middle of Bed Bath and Beyond we both started to get a little tired and our backs were starting to hurt. We’ve been standing and walking for about 4 hours at this point. Yes, people, we’re getting old.

I had a Starbuck’s gift card so we decided we’d get a coffee and head to our last stop, Wal-Mart.

Since I wanted to sit and give my back a rest and finish my coffee, we headed straight to the chair section in Wal-mart. We found us a couple of folding chairs and sat right in the middle of the aisle and finished drinking our coffee. What?


These are our tired faces!


We finished our coffee, put the chairs back, got a cart and finished our shopping.

I bought a lot of spray paint, so I’ll be spray painting something today.


Well there you have it. Kim’s Shopping Trip 11’.

I’ll take me another 2 years to recoup from this one. OY!



  1. Stein Mart....expensive?!!! Oh no, my dear....not when you go at the right time. Sat. was 80% off. I got an adorable jacket and 2 shirts for my daughter's birthday for $2 each....reg. almost $35 EACH. I also scored a couple years ago with 10 skirts (over $1000 value) for $20!!! Ridiculous!!!!

    But, I like the idea of starbucks in walmart. Could build yourself your own little city in there.

  2. Looks like lots of fun my friend!

  3. Sounds like you girls had a lot of fun. Can't wait to see what you are painting. :)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day! I really need to organize a shopping day with a girlfriend or two soon, too. We have to drive 2 hours away to the nearest city to do any "real" shopping, but that makes it all the more fun!! (especially if you throw in an overnight stay at a hotel with a hot tub!)

  5. Sounds like a totally fabulous day!! I love shopping days. My BFF is actually my daughter, and she and I try to take a shopping/lunch day about once a month. Of course, that doesn't mean we buy anything or that we eat anywhere expensive. We just enjoy hanging together.


  6. Is that a scarf or a vest Ms. Kathy is wearing in the third photo? It's ADORABLE!

    BTW- you look FABULOUS in that red hat!

  7. How fun! Any time with the bestie is a good time!

  8. high heels, hats, & (straw) holders for Homesteader's Heart. ;) Happy happenings!!! :D

    Looks like an awesome and fun time. :D

  9. All right. I want to go next time! I can't wait to see what turns up red and white at your place. :)

  10. You two are complete nuts! LOL. And who was taking the pictures of the both of you? Glad you had a fun time!

  11. I tried to leave a comment twice with my phone - did not work - argh! Sounds (and looks!)like you had SO much fun my friend!! So glad! You two are totally cracking me up sitting in Walmart having your coffee - LOL!!! Oh, and you were rocking the high heels - yes you were!

    Big next-thing-you-know-I'll-discover-that-you-were-serving-dinner-to-your-family-on-a-table-in-the-middle-of-a-Walmart-aisle size hugs to you!!! :) Love you friend!

  12. I just have to say, "I LOVE how much fun you always have!"

  13. Oh gosh...I LOVE your shopping trips especially when you take Kathy! Those hats are great! I think Kathy's would have been appropriate at the royal wedding don't you??? and those heels woo woo! LOVE the bowls and straw holder....we LOVE straws too! I don't have a holder either but now I just may have to go look for one! :) Looking forward to see what you are painting :)

    Love you friend!


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