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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The GARLIC Peeler!

Oh I bet you couldn’t wait to see what this post was about could you? Go on, admit it! I had you at the title. You know it takes quite a while to think up a title that good.  Now since you’re here and I’ve got your attention I want to show you a recent discovery I made.

First let me make a note of saying that I am not a Pampered Chef representative. The Pampered Chef company has no idea who I am. They did not give me anything for free.  I’m just an overly excited woman who found something she thinks is completely monumental and feels the need to share with those of you who may benefit from this discovery. The end. Now let’s move on.

Not to long ago I went to a Pampered Chef Party. I really didn’t go to buy anything, but fate had other plans. There was this one gadget that the representative demonstrated and if I could have swiped it out of her hand for my very own at that second, I would have. Really I would have. But to not embarrass myself I played it cool and waited. Waited till she handed me that order form and booklet with all the Pampered Chef stuff in it. I whizzed by all the neat stoneware and choppers until my eye spotted it’s prey.



Let me demonstrate this for you.

First you take one to two cloves of garlic and place it inside the peeler.


Then apply an adequate amount of pressure and roll it back and forth until you hear the sweet crunching of loose garlic peel.

IMG_3083 IMG_3084

And then “Voila!” You got yourself some peeled garlic and non-sticky fingers. I don’t know about you but every time I used to peel garlic the paper would get all stuck to my fingers and everything. This completely solves that problem.


But wait, there’s more! I also learned something I did not know, at this party.

I learned that my handy dandy Pampered Chef Garlic Press could do something they say no other garlic press can do.


They said that you don’t have to peel the garlic in order to put it in the press. (Sorry, no demonstration of this. You’ll have to trust me on this one.)

Skeptical, I went home and immediately tried it. And you know what? IT WORKED!!

Can you see how I couldn’t not let you know this kind of important stuff?

The biggest thing? I left a Pampered Chef Party without spending over $7.00. How many people can say that, huh?

Do you have these two items already and if so did you know that about the garlic press?



  1. Well! My pampered chef friend didn't offer those handy dandy garlic things. I spent way more than that. Way to go!

  2. I have had the garlic press for years and had no idea I didn't need to peal the garlic first! Thanks so much. we use oodles of garlic here and I HATE that sticky finger thing that happens when you try to peel it.

    In HIS Keeping

  3. I don't have either of those items and I wish I did now! You make them look so good! I had just bought my garlic press (after waiting years to go to a PC party to purchase theirs!!!) And I couldn't bring myself to purchase the garlic peeler when it looks like something I could get at Lowes for 35 cents!! Okay, so I haven't tried and I probably can't so I'm missing it about now!

    You're killin me here Kim! Jealous!

  4. I actually did know all about that from PC parties years ago (I've been to a few). Pretty cool! They do have all sorts of gadgets that I love, but actually their can opener (not cheap though) is my fave thing. Once I saw it demonstrated I couldn't rest until I finally purchased it - LOL!

    Big it-seems-like-everybody-I-know-has-that-garlic-press-and-now-you're-making-me-want-to-attend-a-Pampered-Chef-party-since-it's-been-a-while size hugs to you!! You know you should host one - even though I didn't have very many attend (a few years ago)and not big sales - I still got a lot of great stuff. It would be a nice belated housewarming gift for yourself! :) Love ya!

  5. I've never heard pf Pampered Chef. I am from the UK and I live in the Middle East. Garlic is a common ingredient in everyday recipes, and the locals buy a similar peeler to yours. I have one and I find it pretty good, though it can take time. My garlic crusher also has that feature that separates the garlic from its skin. These items are available probably at a fraction of the cost!


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