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Monday, November 21, 2011

Black Friday!

To go or not to go? That is the question. 

MOST of the time I shop on Black Friday. Call me weird but I LOVE being around those crazy people. If you enjoy watching people, Black Friday is the day to go. People shine in all their shopping glory.

When we lived over at the beach my hubby and I would brave our local Wal-Mart. We always have a good time and would come out alive and with some actual needed items.

But this Black Friday we live somewhere else and my hubby has to work, so I’m all thrown off. My Bestest Best Friend Kathy has stepped up to the plate though and offered to go with me. So now we need a plan.

I’m trying to gather as many Black Friday flyers online as I can to see what brick and mortar building we should be standing in front of insanely early in the morning. It matters you know, it does.

So here’s my question. Are you going to brave the crowds of people and the insanely early hours to shop on Black Friday and if so where will you be standing? OR, are you going to be sound asleep in the comfort of your bed?

Enquiring minds want to know. I want to know.

And for your convenience, here is the link to the stores that have already posted their  Black Friday Ads!

And for your visual enjoyment, I just found this video of Black Friday at Target last year. Do you see why it’s just fun to watch these people? LOL!

I must say this, I know that people have actually gotten hurt during these rampages but every time I’ve gone people have actually been quite friendly and it’s been very orderly. But be careful because it can get crazy!!



  1. EEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeek! I like seriously LOVE Black Friday- even though I have NEVER shopped during one of those crazy sales- but my parents have! We like to see them off as they go to the Avenue (Belk hands out gift cards! :-) FYI...) then we light the Christmas candles and listen to the first few Christmas Carols on the Z... pretty fun- I love it :-)

  2. Yes, I'm a Black Friday shopper! Most years my dil goes with me, but she is going out of town for Thanksgiving and won't be here this year. Boo, Hiss! However, I plan to go to Wal-Mart for their 10:00 PM specials. Might still be there when the midnight specials hit. Have fun! And I've also become an Amazon.com shopper this last year. LOVE it!

  3. Thanks for sharing that crazy video, Kim. I plan to be sleeping while all that craziness is going on. ;)

  4. Oh dear. Well, have fun without me. My family is headed to another family's lakehouse to spend some much needed bonding fellowship time with them. And except for the awesomeness that Kim and Kathy are, I won't miss a single other thing about Black Friday. ;)

  5. That IS the question, isn't it? I can take it or leave it.

    But my oldest son wants a tablet that Best Buy will have a great price on. SO, "said son" has offered to head out with me at 3am. After the midnight crowds leave, he says, and before the morning crowds arrive. REALLY?? Lord have mercy!!!! Lol! I'm glad he has it all planned out because I'm going to be lucky to drive us there safely at that time of the night!!!

  6. Black Friday is definitely not for this type A shopper who hates to stand in lines ;) Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. No WAY! I will be safely home, holding on to my wallet for dear life, LOL. OK, I "might" do some online shopping. It's much safer that way!

  8. You are brave my friend! I just can't handle the craziness of it all. Last night 1 of the Walmarts in the area caused highway traffic to halt because of people trying to get in & out & a few people got shoved around - ugh!

    Big-glad-you-made-it-in-&-out-safely size hugs to you!! What'd ya get me?! BAhahaha Love you my crazy-shoppin' friend!! :)


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