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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hiding Shelving Ugliness!

Let me back story real quick. Seriously, real quick.

Once upon a time we moved into a home that had a dishwasher, it broke, we didn’t replace it, hubby put in shelves instead, I’m happy about it because now I have more storage.

The End!

The shelves have been built for a couple of months now and for those two months I was looking at this. Nice huh?


But since my motto for this year is “Git er’ done!”, I figured it was time to do what I’ve been talking about doing since the shelves were put in. So I raided my fabric supply and made this.


I took a lot of corners but in the end I think it came out cute. 

I’m in instant results kind of girl, so projects need to be quick. And although this one probably won’t ever get into Better Homes & Garden magazine, it’s working for me.


P,S, I’m giving away a Gooseberry Patch book if you’re interested.


  1. Yes! Love it!..... our DW died many years ago and we also didn't replace it....there is only the 2 of us.....and I also made a little curtain for it. We didn't do shelves though DH made a rolling cart that holds my big stand mixer and blender and such. It works really well!

  2. Nice! Our dishwasher recently died and we aren't replacing it either. Ours was not a built-in, but a portable. I have an old microwave cart there right now and a curtain is a great idea until hubby makes me a cabinet. :)

  3. I am sooo impressed! It is just darling! Ya done good girl! :)

  4. Great solution! And you can change it with the seasons!

  5. With 11 people in my home, I couldn't part with my dishwasher! We run it twice a day and still wash dishes by hand. However, IF the kids ever move out, I could easily live without one. Especially if I had cupboards with a curtain as cute as yours! I love red and green and rick-rack. You did a great job. With projects I'm def more "git 'er dun" than do it the perfect way.

  6. That is a great idea - and you have done a great job. Love the colour.

  7. Lol. that's so sweet! I love it! great job!

  8. I would be crying without my dishwasher! I turn it on every night before we go to bed and it magically does its thing. Delight! But, I do love your new curtain....you know I would have hot glued mine. :-)

  9. Great job my friend!! That turned out great and is so much prettier than the contents on the shelves! :)

    Big more-of-Kim's-cleverly-crafted-cuteness size hugs to you!! Love you friend!

  10. Turned out great! I need to do that with my center island where I store the cereal and snack crackers. It's open on one side and always a mess, since there are always hungry hands rifling through the boxes. Want to come help me? :)


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