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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Use My Kids as a Cover Up!

One of these days I may become an adult that enjoys sitting and watching the news, reading the newspaper, keeping up with current events. But not today and probably not tomorrow.

When the showers are done and it’s time to settle down for the night I don’t turn on the news or (insert popular night time drama here) no, we watch shows like this.


This show cracks me up. Some how it feeds on my “keen” sense of humor and I find myself laughing at every episode (and secretly wanting a pet platypus).

With our newly acquired Netflix for the Wifi we’ve managed to watch almost all 78 episodes in about 2 months. Yeeup!

Then there’s this one.


This show feeds on the fact that deep down I may have wanted to be a scientist or maybe just a genius. But I usually end up feeling like Carl, the chubby fella on the right with glasses who doesn’t know what’s going on half the time but as long as he’s got food he’s up for anything.

I’m not sure how I’m going to explain this kind of behavior when the kids are grown and gone but for now, my kids are my cover up. Shhhh!

This post brought to you by parents who just want to be a Toys R’ Us kid.

Have a FUNTASTIC day my friends!


  1. The more I get to know you, the more I love you. We could be sisters. :)

  2. You are such a fun mom!! I do think Jimmy Neutron is funny, but after a while the voices start to get to me - LOL. There are so many great things to see on Netflix! I like watching Meer Cats and I did have to relive a few episodes of Rocky & Bullwinkle though kiddo was not impressed with it. :)

    Big you'll-have-to-make-sure-you-have-plenty-of-grandkids-so-you-can-keep-on-watching-cartoons-in-your-old-age size hugs to you!! Love you friend! Hope you're having a good week!

  3. I sometimes find myself watching cartoons but I have no kids to blame it on...hmm maybe I should make me some of those so it doesn't seem all that weird when I want to watch cartoons.

    My old boss asked me on a almost daily basis if I knew what adult food was when he would see me eating my Spaghettios, mac & cheese, or Lunchable for lunch.

  4. I absolutely adore those shows!!!

    Carl is our favorite. Love how he is obsessed with llamas.

    Have a joy filled day
    Mrs B

  5. Oh Kim.... Our family LOVES Jimmy Neutron !! We might even quote some of the episodes & Maybe you might hear us talking like their teacher...Just maybe ;)
    I love it when he's drinking his own concation of who knows what and he and his dad begin burping! This his dad says "Better the attic than the basement, I always say!"

    My kids enjoyed phineas and ferb but that is one I have never seen.

    Another one I loved was Roly Poly Olie! If you haven't checked into that one...I highly recommend it! :)


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