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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More my speed!

I’ve enjoyed looking at everyone’s book lists for this year. It’s very inspiring. I think I even made my own list last year and may have actually crossed off a whole book.

Reading just doesn’t happen to much right now. If I read in the middle of the day (like there’s time), I get tired. When I go to bed, I read, but I’m already tired and end up falling asleep after about 2 pages. (I’m getting old!)

So I devised a list that is probably a little more my speed right now. Feel free to be inspired and copy it for yourself!

My Doable Reading List for 2012

The Sunday Comics

A blog post of everyone who comments on THIS post.


The instruction manual to my new toy. (More on that later!)

Country Living Magazine

Ingredient lists


Maybe one or two of the 100’s of e-books that I have downloaded.


So there you have it. I’m all about keep it real this year.



  1. I think your list is very do-able and you will succeed with this one.
    When you visit my blog you could leave a comment sharing a word to guide you this year, friend.

  2. Love that you know your limitations and what's doable during this season of life. I'm really into book reading right now, but for about 5 years I had no time to read anything but the Bible and others' blogs. Glad to be back into some good books!

  3. Thank you! Seriously, how do these people read that many books? I mean I read a book yesterday but I was in a van for 8 hours while I drove home from my in-laws which seems to be the only time I can read books. As long as the Bible is on your list then I think it is a perfect list!

  4. A do-able list indeed!! Just take things one day at a time!! I love to read...but went years without reading....not even the newspaper....I just looked at the pictures!! Now I relax everynight with a good book and really enjoy it!!
    I have missed being in bloggerville and have now done my first post since Sept. 2011. Glad to be back home!! :)

  5. These days I read more blogs than books. Enjoying my new cookbook!

  6. Too funny! I love to read fiction. I don't really care for non-fiction so much. Unfortunately I don't have much time to read. But the real problem is that when I do start reading, I can't stop. I have to know how the book will end. Then nothing else gets done until I'm finished. So I can't read if my family wants to eat...which unfortunately they do...not sure why, though ;)

  7. At least you are honest with yourself!

  8. I like your list.It made me laugh, too :) :) My first issue of Country Living magazine finally arrived in the mail yesterday. It's the issue on decorating with whites and neutrals!!! Love andhugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  9. ROFL!!
    Love this list.
    I SOOO read like you do.. 2 pages in and than I get sleepy..
    Though if I'm sitting outside in the sun I can last a little while.
    Can't wait to hear about your new 'toy'

  10. Your list is fabulous. i love all the thing you want to read except reading instruction manual. I always have difficulties on reading instruction manual for my entire life. lol. I'd love my brother or my mom or my dad to read it for me and practice it, so I can see the way it goes. Nice list, by the way :)

  11. That made me laugh, but it was pretty much my same list from the time kiddo was born until a couple years ago (so about 10 years). You might find some reading time in a few more years when your kiddos are older. Then again, you might not want to 'cause you'll be too busy crafting like crazy - LOL! :)

    Big as-long-as-your-reading-list-includes-my-blog-we're-OK-LOL size hugs to you!! Love you friend! :)

  12. That's so funny - I do read but it takes me a long time to finish a book because I only get to do it late at night just before I fall asleep. So some days it's 10 pages, some days it's 10 paragraphs and some days it's 10 lines.

  13. Love this list. I am an avid reader so I always have one of those reading lists that to others looks unreadable

    Have a joy filled day
    Mrs b

  14. Oh, my goodness! YES! I'm with you. Every once in a while I scroll through all the ebooks I have, sigh, and then exit the app without opening a book. Where DO people find the time to read?? I tried to read a little at soccer practice Tuesday and nearly got wacked in the head with the ball! Lol!

  15. Make this one more blog for you to read ; ) however i have not been very good lately in posting, so that will be my NYResolution! Will try to post a new one today!

    Just found your blog through GBP.....an am enjoying catching up!


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