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--Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our Zip-Lining Adventure!

If you were ever wondering whether or not to go zip-lining, I hope this persuades you to go. It was a blast. We couldn’t sit down or stand up without moaning for 3 days but it was worth it. I think..

My hubby was in charge of video taping so we didn’t get a lot of him on camera and since he went right before I did on everything, and since I was trying to load the shortest snippets available, there is a lot of me in the videos. I tried to load video of our BFF’s doing their thing but it just wasn’t cooperating this morning.

I do hope you enjoy me at my finest. It’s VERY flattering video. You probably won’t be able to tell I’m having a great time either. I hide it so well.

This particular zip-lining adventure was at our local zoo. So we got to see animals and zipline over alligators and everything. It just added to the excitement. And did I mention we did the advanced track because “we thought” since we were in such “great shape” that it would be cake? It wasn’t cake, let me just tell you that right now. No cakey!

What I loved about this track was that you were up in the trees 98% of the time. You had to do pretty difficult obstacles to get from one zipline to another. It was challenging but way cool at the same time.




Well I hope you enjoyed your little glimpse of zip-lining.

Have you ever gone and if so did you love it?



  1. NO!! Afraid of de heights! You are one brave chick!

  2. LOL, that is awesome! I have done one zip-line and it was when we went heli-hiking in western Canada about 10 years ago. We zipped over a raging river. I LOVED it!!! I would zipline again in a heartbeat, but there aren't any facilities near us. Glad you had fun and got a workout!

  3. Whoa! You gotta be kidding! Would love to "torture" my children on that - they are afraid of heights. What zoo is this? Maybe we will take a road trip!

  4. Hi Kim, I loved seeing your video clips-you so enjoyed yourself. Hubby and I have gone twice in the Islands over canopys of trees, ending in a swim at a waterfall-I so love it!!!!!
    We are trying something different this year because of all the rain on Kauai, I so prefer ziplining in sunshine and heat. Glad you went.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. Dreamt recently that you were baking gluten free cookies. Guess not.......cause you've been busy just "zipping" your day away! (;

  6. Finally had a chance to watch all the videos (they took a long time to load for some reason). So fun!! My hubs would absolutely love that! I'm scared of heights and a weakling so I would have failed miserably - LOL! I would have needed the beginner track! But YOU rock!!!

    Big maybe-if-we-had-zipline-tracks-through-our-homes-we'd-get-our-housework-done-faster size hugs to you!! Love you friend!! :)

  7. Looks like you all had a great time.
    Oh yea baby... ROFL!!

    Our local zoo has one of these. I may have to check it out now..

    Have a great weekend

  8. Oh my gosh! HOW FUNNNNNNN - oh wait. let me
    clarify ... the zip lines look awesome and wayyy funn but those shaky and swingy ladders would SOOOO FREAK ME OUT!!! I don't think i could have done them! You guys would have to go on without me! :)

    Great videos! So glad you guys had such fun and might I add ~ YOU LOOK AWESOME!!! Skinny Minny! Love ya!

  9. Oh how much fun is that? and I thought I was an outdoor adventurer! ;)


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