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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Craft Fair!

My friend Kathy had this “brilliant” idea of us doing a craft fair this past weekend. I believe she had this “brilliant” idea at the beginning of October and it obviously didn’t matter to me that I had NOTHING ready and that I only had less than 30 days to come up with things to sell, because I said,”Sure, why not?”

Well 30 days turned into something like 10 days because we had a lot of things go on in October, but I pressed on and was able to whip out of few things.

Like these 100% cotton dish/wash cloths. They are soooo soft.


And I made a few Christmas stockings.

IMG_4587 IMG_4586 IMG_4584 IMG_4589

Some crayon rolls.


Dish soap aprons.




Then the day of the fair was here. We didn’t realize that this was the first year the park was putting this on. We also didn’t know that there wasn’t much advertising done in order to spread the word. But all in all it was fun. I got to hang out with my BFF all day and say the words. “And they’re from scratch, not a box.” about 50 times that day.

Oh wait. You want to know why I said that? Well Kathy made some delicious cupcakes that ended up being her best seller at the fair and I felt the need to tell everyone that they were homemade EVERY SINGLE TIME she mentioned them. I’m good to have around for things like that.


When it was all said and done, I sold 3 crayon rolls and 1 dish soap apron. But the way I see it is I now have things to open my Etsy store with. I just have to talk my daughter into taking some fabulous pictures for me.

And just to prove to you that it truly did happen, I’ll leave you with a couple pictures of our booth.

IMG_4591 IMG_4593

What did you do this weekend?




  1. Tough to sit around and get just a few sales - but you're well on your way to an Etsy store! Love the crayon rolls.

  2. It was fun...I mean,really, haning out with my bestest is always a good thing! :)
    I am quite certain the that cupcakes would not have sold if you hadn't have pushed the "not from a box" bit... I am forever thankful! ;) There's a coconut crystal sweetened cupcake in your future! :)

  3. Yes, open up that etsy store! Too bad that the showing wasn't better, but now you have plenty of stock, so that's a positive way of looking at it.

    I did housework over the weekend, and was also jpeg-ing (if that's a word, LOL) photo files and uploading them for the photo book. Whew. Too much work!

  4. R and R after our Sandy "no power" chilly week!!

  5. All your items are so cute! I love handmade dishcloths. I don't think I've ever seen dish soap aprons...how creative!

  6. oh you HAVE been busy!! I love hand-knitted wash cloths as well...and I love your soap aprons.

  7. Wow! Great job! Love the crayon rolls! I know I always enjoy getting together with friends when we have a yard sale and such. :) That's 99% of the fun!

  8. Everything you did is super cute my friend!! Sorry it wasn't profitable, but I bet you wouldn't have created that much stock that quickly any other way - so you are very close to opening that Etsy shop!!

    Big those-are-some-crazy-crafty-crocheted-creations-you-got-there size hugs to you!! Good job my friend!! Love ya! :)


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