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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winter Things You Can and Can’t Do in Florida!


I always get a chuckle when Christmas time comes around and people have those cute Christmas countdown printables with ideas on them, because there are a few of them you can’t do if you live in Florida. Here’s some that come to mind.

1. Build a snowman. (Sandman?)

2. Make snow ice cream. (I don’t think I’d do it anyway)

3. Go ice skating on a pond. (More like jet skiing)

4. Go sledding. (Sounds like fun. BYOS-Bring Your Own Snow?)

5. Go on a sleigh ride. (Horse and buggy maybe)

Those are all great things and I get a little envious sometimes so I decided to come up with a little list of things you can do in Florida at Christmas time.

1. Make sand angels in the sand. (Helps if you live near the beach. But don’t let that stop you. Borrow your neighbor’s kids sand box.)

2. Go to Disney and watch the Christmas parade at least once in your life.

3. Sit around the fire pit outside and sing Christmas carols and not freeze to death. The key here is not freezing to death. I hope you picked up on that.

4. Make a scarf for someone up North.

5. Give your Winter clothes to a local charity because all you need is one jacket.

I hope this was helpful in planning your Winter festivities because I’m all about being helpful and stuff.





  1. That's a great list! We thought about sitting around a fire singing up here in the kind-of-north, but the freezing to death part made us pick something different to do at our little party. Lol!

  2. HA! Cute. I live in California so none of those things apply to me either. However, we still need some warm clothes because even though it does not snow, once in a while we do get 30 degree weather.

  3. Good list my friend! No snow where I'm at either, though we can drive to it in about an hour or so in the middle of Winter. Disney's pretty far too and ocean beach sand would be a couple hours.

    Big I-do-miss-having-snow-for-Christmas-but-don't-miss-living-in-it size hugs to you!! Love ya!! Have a lovely weekend my friend! :)

  4. How I have missed reading your blog! You are definitely a joy filled person and your take on life is refreshing. I am so glad you stopped by Heart Choices. I need to come back more often. Growing up in New York, I experienced snow and cold in the winters. However, I now live in Phoenix so it's similar in many ways to Florida. Btw, I did live in Florida for a few years along the way out west and my family still lives in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. There's always fun things to do in the warmer climates and of course, we can always look to you for good advice. Thanks for making me smile this morning Kim.

    Blessings and love,

  5. Sounds like you're in Australia cos that's exactly the sort of weather we have here for Chrissie! I am down far south at the bottom of Tasmania so it is not quite as hot as up north but still no snow at this time of year. We do have snow all winter on the mountain which is only about 30 min drive. I can look out my window onto the snow capped mountains during winter while I am on the waterfront! Gorgeous


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