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Monday, May 6, 2013

The Early Risers!

Usually my hubby and I get a little irritated when our kids listen in on our conversations, but one particular conversation our kids listened in on turned out to be more beneficial than I ever imagined.

We were talking about how we have the most energy in the morning and how trying to go to bed at a decent hour allows us to get up and get started doing things. Fast forward to today. My boys 10 and 8 have been getting up early for the past week and they have had their school work done by 8:30 on most days. Woo! Hoo! This frees the rest of my day and their day up for more exploration.

My oldest son loves space and recently received a free telescope to mess around with. He’s having a blast with it and learning so much.

My youngest loves art and puzzles. He loves to go outside and explore.

They both are very involved with the caring of our chickens and maintaining our garden. They are learning important life skills by being able to hang out with Dad more. They are learning how to cook by hanging out with me more.

So to say I’m proud of my kiddos is an understatement. This was a decision they made all on their own and it was a conversation I’m glad they overheard and took to heart. We’ll see how long it lasts but for now this Momma is loving it.

IMG_5590(Still in their pajamas. Homeschooling at it’s finest!)

Have a lovely day.




  1. Hi Kim, Girl I just love this post and it is one of the best things about homeschooling-scheduling school that works best for you. I always wake earlier in the spring but come winter, I don't want to get up. Love that your boys are able to learn and grow by helping you out.
    Keep it up girl-you are doing such a great job!!!! P.S. I love their school table, one that size would be perfect for my sewing room.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. I've just 'met' you, so I'm off to wander around your blog to get to know you better! For now though, I'll just say what a great way for your boys to have taken the conversation they overheard. Good for them!
    Anne x

  3. Kim, in answer to your question, I am on the Isle of Lewis, off the coast of Scotland. Our island is part of the Outer Hebrides chain of islands. Our home is almost as far north as you can get, and we look straight out onto the Atlantic .... It's next stop Canada from here!

    Anne x

  4. Loved the pic of boys in their jammies. My kids would do this on occasion, but never stick with it. I have graduated five kids, am down to one, and have learned if I let her sleep in, I get 3 HOURS TO MYSELF because I get up very early. :) But, it makes for a longer day for school, if we don't start until 9:30am.

    Another reason to love homeschooling, you make the schedule fit YOUR life and needs, you don't work around the schedule.

  5. :) I love watching them grow up. :) Their personalities are so different and yet a bit the same, they always make me smile. :)
    Love the jammies! I miss homeschooling. :)

  6. Three cheers for homeschooling and high-fives to your industrious young men! I wish all parents took care of their children like you and your husband do!

  7. We recently started having the kids get up by 7am and it has made a big difference in our homeschool day. I used to let them get up around 8am so I could exercise and do my bible study. Now, I'm teaching them to leave me alone during these times (or they can exercise with me), and start getting ready for the day on their own. It has been a really good thing for us. I'm glad you are having success as well.

  8. Started to comment on this a while back, but had to shut the computer down and lost it. Anyway - they are SO adorable!! I love it!

    Big who-needs-Christmas-when-you-already have-precious-gifts-like-that size hugs to you!! Love ya! :)


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