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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bloglovin’ and Organizing Your Blogs

Sometimes it takes me awhile to catch on to things, so the information I am about to tell you could have been around for a LONG time but I’m just now getting on the bandwagon. Better late then never I guess.

I happen to have stumbled across this because I was checking my blog stats to see where most of my traffic was coming from. Usually it’s Pinterest or Facebook, but ever since I posted my recipe for the Cheesy Jalapeno Stuffed Chicken Breasts, this thing called Bloglovin has popped up out of nowhere. And being the curious cat that I am, I started checking it out.

Since Google got rid of the whole reader thing I’ve depended heavily on my Blogger dashboard to check blogs. The problem with that is, if I don’t check them every so often throughout the day the earlier blogs gets pushed so far down I never see them.

With Bloglovin you can categorize your blogs, which I love. They also send you an email each day with the posts from the blogs you have listed. Now I won’t miss a single post from my favorite blogs. That still doesn’t mean I have all the time in the world to visit and comment on them all but at least I can pick and choose based on content.

So if you’ve never heard of this blog following phenomenon, be sure to check it out. But most importantly don’t forget to add my blog to it. *wink*

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  1. Yes, I started using it a couple of months ago and really like it! I mentioned it in a blog post too, but perhaps you missed that one, LOL. One tip- the way comments are set up on some blogs, the comment featured doesn't work in the bloglovin' platform. So you have to click the X in the upper RH corner to get ot of the platform and do the comment.

  2. I definitely love using BlogLovin, and of course I have your blog added to my reading list! :)

  3. I'm in! I'm following you and grateful for Donna's comment because I've been having trouble leaving comments on the blogs!

  4. Humm, I've never heard of that before. Thank you for keeping me informed. I have several posts that seem to draw a lot a people and I wonder if they are coming from "Bloglovin".

  5. I have heard of BlogLovin' but when Google Reader closed I switched to Feedly. I do like it but I'll check out BlogLovin' too to see which one I like best!

    Big I-was-blog-lovin'-before-BlogLovin'-existed size hugs to you!! :D Love ya!


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