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Monday, December 9, 2013

The Annual Gingerbread House Competition 2013!!

We turned the air down (Seriously we did, it’s hot here. Really!) and the Christmas music up and had ourselves a night of gingerbread house decorating.

You know what that means right?

It’s time to vote for your favorite. This is our 6th year of our friendly decorating competition. We look forward to it every year. 

In order to make the competition fair I in no way let you know who decorated what house. So in this post there will be no fluffy commentary. *smile*

So in no particular order we have:

House #1 Peppermint Lodge!

IMG_6431IMG_6450  IMG_6432


House #2 Santa’s Little Getaway!

IMG_6428IMG_6449  IMG_6429

House #3 Rudolph’s Clubhouse

IMG_6424IMG_6448  IMG_6426

House #4 The Cozy Christmas Cottage


 As you know we do this for fun. There are no hurt feelings so please just vote for your favorite.

You can vote by leaving a comment here on the blog, replying via email, or you can leave a comment on my Homesteader’s Heart FB page here.

Have fun with it.

I’ll give you all a couple days to vote and then I’ll reveal the winner and blog about our night.

Have a lovely day my friends.




  1. Oh, I adore this competition! Wow, they all look terrific! Practice makes perfect, doesn't it? I think the whole family could decorate for a bakery! I am a big fan of red licorice, so #3 is my choice. But it's just by a hair! Otherwise, I would say that it is a 4-way tie. You are all winners in my book because you do this fun family project.

  2. Wait! Only four? I thought all five of you usually competed?

    Ummmm.... I think I like #2 the best.

  3. The Cozy Christmas Cottage! The wreaths on the windows are too cute!

  4. Well they are all lovely, of course!! But I *am* having a problem with there only being 4.

    Big hard-to-pick-a-winner-this-time-but-I-say-#4-Cozy-Christmas-Cottage size hugs to you!! Love you!!

  5. House #4 Cozy Cottage. While they are all lovely, #4 is my favorite. Thanks for sharing your family traditon with us all.

  6. It was close between #1 and #4, but I pick #4 The Cozy Christmas Cottage. They all did a great job!!

  7. House #4 The Cozy Christmas Cottage. Though I think all are cute, it was hard to pick!


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