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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Things That Aren't Going to Happen This Christmas!

Christmas is my very favorite time of year, but I have to say that with Thanksgiving being so close to the end of the month, Christmas snuck up on me. Snuck. LOL! Say it. Snuck. Okay sorry, it's been one of those weeks. 
Anyhoo I always have high expectations about Christmas and what I want to accomplish, but this year I'm learning to let some things go. I need to bring my focus back to what it's all about and not get caught up in the "traditions" that really won't have much of an impact when it's all said and done.

For instance my advent calendar. I made this really cool advent calendar a couple years ago. I would put a fun activity on it for the kids to look forward to each day. But this year it's just not going to happen. And you know what? The kids haven't even mentioned it. 

Homemade gifts. Nope. Not gonna happen. Gifts are coming from the store. All of them. Every single one. Yup.

Loosing weight. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh me. Yeah, that one is pretty self explanatory.

But you know what? I'm okay with it. I wasn't at first and I admit it was stealing my joy, but I'm good. 

How about you? Do you need to let some things go? Don't be afraid to. It might just be the difference between a Bah Humbug or a Silent Night. 

Have a most excellent night my friends.


  1. You do what you can! Enjoy the season without stressing out about it!

  2. Wow - I'm very impressed with you, my friend! I've still got to make a bunch of stuff for homemade food gifts, but there's plenty of time for that. I did just send the grandparents food gift baskets that I ordered online - such relief! We'll still send cards & pics to them, but they're too hard to buy for anymore and B isn't little anymore to give them cute grandkid-type gifts.

    Big not-hoping-to-lose-weight-but-just-keep-from-gaining (down 7 lbs so far with WW) size hugs to you!! Love you friend! Merry Christmas!!


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