"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Computer Woes!

Computer woes are bad no matter what but they are even worse when they happen in December. Our computer is on the fritz and my hubby is trying to breath life back into it until we can afford to buy a new one. December is not the best time for it to fail me as I like to do a lot of Christmas shopping online and I like to download and post pictures about stuff that's going on around the homestead this time of year. 

But alas, it all has to go on hold. I'm blogging right now from a computer that is so basic it might as well be on dial up. Remember dial up? I can't upload pictures or anything like that so I can't show you all the things I wanted to show you. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon and life can go on as usual. 

In the meantime I can tell you that our annual "Gingerbread House Decorating" party is coming up and you know what that means? Get your voter cards out because you are going to be judging this years houses again. We have such fun with this and always look forward to showing our "works of art" with you all. A lot of you have been here for all the "friendly" competitions. For those of you who have never seen our competitions you can go back and look at previous years 2012, 2011, 2010 2009 and 2008.

Well that's the update for now. Until the computer is back and running I'll be sharing some posts from Christmas' past that you might have missed and could find enjoyable. *smile*




  1. Oh, I look forward to the Gingerbread House competition every years! I hope that your hubby can fix the computer for you!

  2. Such a bummer about the computer! Hope it gets fixed soon!

    Big as-long-as-your-Gingerbread-house-pics-make-it-on-then-all-is-well (and I already know that they did - LOL) size hugs to you! Love ya!


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