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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Because Life is Too Short Not to Use My Fiesta Ware!

I’m sure by the end of this post you are either going to completely relate to what I’m going through or you’re going to call someone in to intervene. I’m good with either. *smile*

Let me start off by saying, I know I have a problem. So admitting my problem is the first step in getting help right? Sure it is.

Can I back story for a sec? Thanks. You see back in our old house, back when ivy was really in, I decorated my kitchen in ivy and had ivy pot holders, an ivy tea kettle, containers and dishes. I LOVED the ivy dish set that my mom got me. It was huge and had everything from bowls to plates to cups to serving plates and serving bowls. I mean it was a nice set.

Somewhere in the middle of all that I fell in love with Fiesta Ware. My hubby blessed me with 4 sets that next Christmas and I quickly washed it and put it in my hutch. And then never ever used it. My excuse? Well there was 5 of us in the family so it just didn’t make sense for 4 of us to use it and then one of us not too. So years went by with it sitting in my hutch undisturbed.

We then moved off the beach and into our new home. My kitchen theme drastically changed from an ivy theme, to a coffee theme to my new retro, 50’s style theme. With that I figured I needed new plates. Red and white plates. Because red and white runs through my veins. So my wonderful hubby got me a set of Corelle red and white plates with the intention of me getting rid of my ivy plate set.

This is where it gets interesting. Are you still with me? I loved the bowls with my new set but not so much the plates. I liked the size of the the plates of the ivy set for every day and I like the bowls of the ivy set for salads but not so much for cereal or soup. So what do you think happened? Yeah, I ended up keeping both sets.

Let me show you exhibit A. See all those plates? That’s both sets of Corelle dishes. Yes we do have guests over quite a bit but on a daily basis there is only 4 of us now.


Time passed and my hubby started inquiring about the Fiesta sets he had purchased me and I told him that I really needed 4 more sets to make it practical to use. So what did he do 2 Christmas’ ago? Yup, you guessed it, he bought me 4 more sets. I didn’t even bother washing them this time I just put them in my hutch and walked away.  For another 2 years. *hangs head in shame*

That is until today. Today I washed and dried every piece of Fiesta ware I owned and made room in my cupboard for them. We even used them today. I love them. Here’s the proof.

IMG_7371 IMG_7372  

But I’m still having trouble letting any of the other plate sets go. Did I mention that each set came with matching coffee cups, so I have a total of 24 coffee mugs that I don’t use because I like to use my “special” coffee mugs.

I also have a silverware problem. He didn’t buy me 4 more sets of silverware to go with the other 4 sets of dishes. But we won’t go there.

It’s alright to laugh at me. I laugh at myself all the time. I’ve got issues people. Deep rooted plate associated issues.

Help me out here. What’s a gal to do?


  1. Ha ha, Houston we have a problem. It is always good to laugh at ourselves, before anyone else does. If you truly have extra dishes could you give some away to charity, like a home for unwed mothers, etc.?

  2. Well......I say....ditch the ivy because they (now) don't match the fiesta or red and whites. Then, mix and match the Fiesta and the others, because mixing and matching are the "in" thing now. Then, go buy some additional silverware, because you might have company one day and then......walk away :)

    On to the next project, while enjoying every single dish!

    (p.s.) This coming from the person who still has her original wedding plate set stored at the top of the cabinets because I'm too sentimental to get rid of them, even though they are 1989 Dillards style. Literally haven't used them since I don't know when and now use RED plates from Target. You and I are alike.

  3. Well NOW I know what MY problem is!!!Hahaaa
    I'm the same way...too many flippin' dishes!
    Good luck!

  4. Hey Lady! I have been missing your posts! Hope you are doing well! PS--The dishes struggle is REAL---Lol! I have 16 place settings of Corelle Forever Yours (peach hearts, circa 1990-something) that I just can't bear to part with because my mom bought them all for me and I had them in my hope chest from the time I was 14 until I was married!

  5. Love fiesta ware, too. Looks like it's been awhile since you posted last. Hope all is well! There is a new kid in town. If you have a chance to pop by my blog you'll see Mystery Baby revealed! Have a super blessed day, my friend!

  6. Congrats on being a grandma!!! I'm so excited for you! Blessings to you're family

  7. Ooh, there is a Fiesta discount warehouse close to us. In fact, 2 of them. Come for a visit. :) I bought some plates for $1.50 not too long ago.


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