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Friday, March 6, 2015

Quick and Easy Necklace Holder

When it comes to projects I don’t have a lot of time. I like to start and finish things rather quickly (I think I have ADHD) because if I don’t then it just ends up sitting there, gathering dust, pushed in a corner to be forgotten about. Sad but true, I know.
So when I decided to make my new necklace holder it was perfect because it didn’t take any time at all. In fact it probably took about 20 minutes total.
Before my new necklace holder was conceived I was hanging my necklaces on a clock in my bathroom. Cause who doesn’t want necklaces hanging awkwardly from their clock? One does what one has to do. You know what I’m saying? But the fact that I kept it like this for way longer than I want to admit is just proof that I must not have cared that much. *smile*
With that said. Here’s my new necklace holder.
Necklace Holder
Necklace HolderNecklace Holder
I wanted something bright and fun to match my flower garden theme in my bathroom. Keeping it simple was what made this project easy. I didn’t want to over think it. Because I tend to over think things and then end up walking away frustrated. Nobody likes me frustrated, including me. So simple was key in this.
I started out with a plain piece of wood that I think my hubby cut out for me a long time ago for another project that never got done and since I couldn’t even remember what project it was, I moved on and used it for this one.
I then painted it a nice black to contrast the bright colors I would be using.
Then I simply painted a cute flower with coordinating colors from my bathroom.
My hubby predrilled holes for my hooks and then I simply screwed the hooks in. Voila’. Done!
What do you think?
And if you missed the cute earring holders I made a while back, click HERE to see them. So easy to make.
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  1. Love it!! That is super cute and I actually need a place to hang my necklaces. Right now they are all mangled up in the "jewelry" box I use, which is actually a tool box!

  2. Great job! Bright, cheerful, and functional!


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