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Monday, June 20, 2016

That Time We Had a Cement Mixer In Our Bedroom!

Actually, this picture was taken this morning.


And if you look closely you’ll also see a blow torch, a spray bottle and a crimping tool.

Take a wild guess at why we would have a cement mixer in our bedroom. Go ahead, I’ll wait……………………………………………On the bright side, at least it’s red. I like red, in case you didn’t know. I’m thinking it would look really nice with a fern planted in it. *smile*

So did you guess? Here’s a hint.


If you guessed that we need to pour concrete under our new shower floor because the previous home owner didn’t have anything supporting the old one and we found out through our demo/remodel that we were going to have to pour our own 4 inch slab underneath, then you guessed correctly. Smile 

Can I give you a piece of advice? If you are contracting the building of your own home, don’t cut corners. This house is a result of cutting corners and it shows. My hubby just finished replumbing the WHOLE entire house with PEX plumbing because the cheap copper pipes that were in the house, kept leaking. *sigh* Anyhoo back to our remodel.

Besides the plumbing, this is our next big remodel. It’s our master bath and EVERYTHING is coming out. Bath tub, floor tile, vanity, shower, toilet, mirror, EVERYTHING. I’m so excited!!!

I’ll blog about it in pieces so you can see the progress. It’s already a labor of love. There is stuff all over the place. It’s definitely a construction zone right now.

Here’s a before of the bathtub area. Pardon the mess.


After. Well not really after. I mean we aren’t leaving it like this. At least I hope not…..”HONEY!”……..


Our new bathtub is being delivered tomorrow. But of course it won’t be installed until the floor tile gets put in. I think, I don’t know.

So stayed tuned for more updates as it progresses.

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  1. It's one of those things that is exciting, stressful and so rewarding :) If you survive :)


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