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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Vacation-Part 5 and Part 6 The Not So Fun Parts and Coming Home


I decided to combine the last two parts because it shouldn’t take too long to get my point across. Smile

Part 5- The Not So Fun Parts-

As I mentioned in the first post Getting Ready To Leave the vacation didn’t start out well at all. Our oldest son woke up sick the day we were leaving. And just as I suspected, a day after being at our destination our youngest son came down with it.

Our oldest son handled things pretty well. We hung out at the cabin on his sickest days while my hubby and our youngest (before he got sick) went on hikes or what not. Then when our youngest got it my oldest was feeling a little bit better and was able to do things with dad while I stayed with the youngest.

So basically for the first 3 days we didn’t really do anything together as a family.

The worse night of my youngest son’s sickness I was up and down the stairs looking after him about 4 times. He was miserable. So I was pretty tired. The good thing is he kicked it pretty quickly.

Then on another occasion, probably night #5, I started to walk down the stairs and slipped and fell on my backside. This of course freaked my hubby out who was still asleep. I was okay. But I did get a HUGE bruise on my bumm and my wrist was sore for a few days. So that was fun. Smile with tongue out

Here’s the thing. We weren’t supposed to be on the second level. The boys were supposed to share the bed and my hubby and I (and don’t think I’m weird) were supposed to have the queen and single bed downstairs. Not to mention the BIG bathroom and not the small little people’s bathroom that was upstairs. But because of all the sick stuff we thought keeping them more separate would be wise. *sigh* And just so you know, when I travel I bring both of my body pillows with me because I can’t sleep without them. Trying to sleep in anything less than a king size bed with two people at 6 feet tall and two body pillows is next to impossible. So I didn’t sleep well. *sigh*

Part 6 Coming Home-

Coming home wasn’t without its challenges. We saw about 3 major accidents. One was on our side and held up traffic for quite awhile. Then while at a rest stop we (my hubby ) saw that a tire was low and upon further inspection realized that we had a nail in our tire.

But my hubby being who he is had a patch kit and was able to get it patched until we could get to a gas station and fill it back up with air.

We made it home safe and sound and I thanked the Lord for His protection over us. Then I kissed the ground, my bed, my toilet (okay maybe not my toilet) thanked the Lord for a single story home and went to bed. Smile

In conclusion, this was not one of my favorite vacations. In fact we’ve decided to just stick around good ol’ Florida for awhile and do closer and hopefully less stressful vacations for the next few years.

I mean we’ve got the Keys , St. Augustine,Disney, tons of Springs and the ocean. I’m sure we’ll manage.

Thanks for sticking with me friends. 





  1. You forgot to mention it happened to be Maintenance week on the property to include spraying weed killer over 100 acres ("What's that smell") and the construction projects ("Man those saws are loud"). But other than that it was nice and quiet. ("what'ya say")

  2. Hi, long lost friend, I was thinking about you and wanted to see if you were still blogging. (I deactivated my Facebook account sometime last year, so I haven't had a way of keeping up with you.) Lucky for me, you haven't changed your blog name.

    Just last month, I decided to return to blogging. I stopped writing my classic film blog about 2 years ago and have been pretty much offline since then. So, I'm now blogging about home and hospitality at my new blog, Embracing Home.

    I love both Maggie Valley and Waynesville. We stayed in Maggie for a week back in 1998. Wow, 18 years ago! It was the best family vacation we have ever taken. What town were y'all staying in?

    Your boys are getting so big! Not such little guys anymore.

    Hope all is well in your little corner of the world.

    Love and hugs,


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