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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Vacation Part 4- The Fun Parts

Although our vacation was a bit stressful we did manage to have some fun.

On the property there is tons to do. They have a game area where they have ladder ball and corn hole set up, so we were down there just about every day. They also have another “play” area with a volleyball net set up for volleyball or badminton. They also have a basketball net with a couple balls to play with.


The boys all had fun fishing in the stocked ponds. There are 3 of them on the property. Ponds not boys.


But the one thing my hubby loved the most was hiking the trails. I think he could have hiked every day. In fact I think he did. I was recouping from a pretty crappy first half of the year so I didn’t do the long hikes. (But all the bad stuff will be in the next post. ) *smile*


About 15-20 minutes one way from where we were staying was Waynesville and about 15 minutes away in the other direction was Maggie Valley. We went to both places on our stay but I found Waynesville a bit more diverting. There were cute shops to walk around in and some nice restaurants to choose from.


I could have spent all day in this one kitchen shop, but my hubby was able to drag me out (after he bought me this divot) Hee Hee!


When it was time to chill at the cabin we played cards, checkers or just chilled and watched a movie.


The weather was GLORIOUS! It was in the mid to high 70’s during the day and in the 40’s at night. It rained one day but that was it. Couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Well this concludes my post about the “fun” stuff.

Stay tuned as you get to hear about the not so fun stuff next.

Have a lovely day friends.

Here are the other parts in case you missed one. Smile

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  1. Kim, it's beautiful there! Looks very relaxing :) Can't wait to read the next one!


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