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--Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What I've Learned This Week!

It's amazing the things that you can learn in the course of a week. Especially if you really think about it and take the time to look back to really see those things.
This week I've learned......

......that no matter how hard you try you can't MAKE someone do the right thing.

.....that I've been grinding, storing and brewing my coffee all wrong for all these years!!! The I LOVE Coffee book has ended up being very educational. If I was in school I'd write a 5 page report on why it's important to store, grind and brew your coffee correctly. That perfect cup of coffee is coming soon my friends. Oh yes, it's coming soon!!!

........you really can become good friends with people over the internet. I was blessed with the opportunity to talk to two of my blog friends that I've gotten to know over the past months and years. Why we didn't do it sooner is beyond me, but now that we have broken that barrier I hope we are able to talk more on the phone.

..........that I'm not really a homesteader at heart! LOL. A homemaker YES! A homesteader, not so much! As I talked to one of my friends on the phone yesterday we both started confessing how we really aren't into the "Homestead" life. I don't can, I don't raise chickens, I really don't enjoy gardening (though my son and husband do, so that's good. Just don't ask me to can! LOL), I don't make my own cheese, I really have no desire to live in the middle of 100 acres by myself. I like people. I'm a people person. This in turn is going to raise another post pretty soon about the name of my blog. So be looking for that!! Phew it feels good to confess to all 10 of you!

.......that people like me for me and I don't have to pretend to be something I'm not.

........that if you stick a turkey in the bottom drawer of your fridge to defrost, you need to write yourself a note that it's there and not forget about it. Oops!

.......that for some reason time goes by faster when I'm on the computer rather than when I'm sitting in the doctors office.(with my cookie) LOL. Some of you will get that!

.......that it is possible for me to sit on the deck in my shorts soaking up the sun and it be snowing somewhere else! I've learned this from all the snow pictures on 90% of the blogs I read.

There you have it. I hope you gained some wonderful insight from my week of wisdom! Hmmm. Week of Wisdom, that sounds like a Meme if I've ever heard one! LOL. Just kidding!
If you have learned something this week and want to share your wisdom with others, head on over to Musings of a Housewife and link up your post!
Have a most excellent day my friends!!


  1. My sweet friend, Week of Wisdom..a meme? You...another meme? There you go cracking me up again!

    I've learned much from you, my friend...most of all...that most situations can be looked at through the most beautiful eyes because you give them a voice of laughter!

    Love you much!

  2. Lot's of different kinds of wisdom. I especially like the sitting in shorts part. I wish I could sit around in shorts today. It is warmer but still windy.
    Thanks for sharing your widom!
    Have a Blessed Day.

  3. I just love all your wisdom, my friend! You are wise beyond your youthful years :-)

    I wish I were wearing shorts right now instead of sitting in my home office looking at snow still the the shrubs outside and my hands are freezing...I'm freezing!

    Have a great day...ole wise one!

  4. LOL on the forgotten turkey. Haven't we all done that?! Have a great week
    Carrie B.

  5. I wish I was the one sitting on my deck in shorts!!!! I guess I'll get my turn soon enough, eh?

  6. I'LL take you're 100 acres in the middle of nowhere! :) I would love it!!

  7. You learned a lot this week. I'm not a "homesteader" either!

  8. Some good wisdom this week my friend!

    Your first bit of wisdom is an especially painful one to learn.

    I hope one of the blog friends you talked to wasn't that crazy gal over at Stop and Smell the Chocolates - not sure if you two would get along very well...LOLOL!!! :)

    Big and WISE hugs to you today!!

  9. Loved your list! Remembering we are liked for who we really are is sch a great lesson to remember! And I am so jealous you are wearing shorts!!!!

  10. I learned that even though the sun is shining, in the north in March...don't be decieved, it is still too cold to play outside. BRRRR! Jealous of you sitting in shorts.

  11. You learned a lot of important lessons this week!!! Good job! :)
    Miss ya! Hugs!

    (I wanted to do Show and Tell Saturday but I completely forgot! I LOVED the theme that was picked, too! I could've written a book on it! (Ok, no pun intended)!

    OH! I opened up a devotional blog of a more personal nature through blogger. Of course it's open to all, but I constantly have these urges to get things down concerning my spiritual walk, but I don't want to overload my other blog with too much stuff! So that's why I'm signed in through blogger. :)

  12. Fun! I loved your post-maybe your new name could be Homesteader Wannabe? LoL! It doesn't have that same ring to it:) Blessings! Amanda:)

  13. Great post! It's warm here too (in Texas) and I am always careful not to rub it in to the snowbound bloggers.

  14. We've known each other for nearly 2 years now...and we only just now talked on the phone?! I agree---why didn't we do it sooner?

    About the homestead thing. Yes, definitely, I'm on the same page with you. I fell for the lie that "good Christian homeschooling families live on a bunch of acreage, far removed from the ugliness of the world." Well, that might be God's plan for some families, but not all families will look the same. And, like you, I've finally admitted that I do NOT want that kind of life. I can still seek to walk in the ways of the Lord, even in the midst of the suburbs!!

    We always need to remember---there's no one right way to live a godly life!!

    Praise God that we've been honest with ourselves instead of trying to be something we're not.


  15. I forgot to mention---about brewing coffee---I am not a coffee drinker, but my husband is. He actually buys the beans "green", and he roasts his own coffee. He only roasts about a week's worth at a time, because it's fresher that way. He would tell you, roasting your own coffee is his favorite way to go and that once you've tasted truly fresh-roasted (not just fresh-ground), you won't ever want any other kind of coffee.

    However, I have to take his word for it since I'm not a coffee drinker.


  16. ah to sit on my deck and soak up the sun. meanwhile I am looking out at my deck furniture buried under 7 inches of snow!!!

    you are a lucky girl :)

  17. I think I learn that first lesson EVERY week. *sigh* #5 I'm still working on. 8-}

    I'll trade ya my 18 acres for that 100! And the sunny deck with shorts-worthy temps! I'm sick of being cold.

    Hey, did you ever get that video to work? I'd sing it for you, but you'd never speak to me again. LOL!

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  18. You've had a very educational week:-)

  19. Though I don't always take time to say it, you ALWAYS make me smile!


  20. You've learned a lot! I'd love to be on my back patio in shorts, drinking a cup of perfect coffee. Instead I'll be thankful for the beautiful snow and check out how to make the perfect cup of coffee.

  21. ROFL! I just commented last night (after listening to someone on a neighboring property rev a motorcycle for 4 hours - yes, FOUR hours) that I really don't like people and wish I lived smack in the middle of one thousand acres so I wouldn't have to see or hear anyone.


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