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Monday, April 9, 2012

You Asked for it You Got It! Shopping Trip 2012!

Well it had been 3 years since my last shopping trip and I have to tell you it didn’t get any easier. I’m still tall. I’m still built awkwardly, the only difference is I’m 18lbs lighter. And that part didn’t make shopping for clothes any easier. *sigh*

But some of you have been asking about “the trip” so I’m going to give it to you straight.

We started out at Ross’ (in which I found nadda) and then ventured over to the Mall (not a mall fan!). We moseyed into JcPenney’s where there were so many WONDERFUL outfits to choose from I just couldn’t make up my mind. (Insert extreme sarcasm here)

shop6 shop1 shop2 shop3

I think this one was my personal fave as seen by the expression on my face, not to mention my body language.


Feeling my frustration my BFF quickly decided it was time to try another store. So we headed our way towards Dillard’s.

I walked in and was immediately overwhelmed with there set up. It makes no sense. I couldn’t tell where anything was and I was really starting to get a little crazy. So what does one do when one starts to get a little crazy? They make their way over to the evening gowns with their best friend and try a few on. Please excuse the poor photos as it was a poorly lit dressing room.

Here you have the bobsy twins!


Okay, hubbies, we’re ready for that cruise now. LOL!



I’ll settle for a black tie affair though. I seriously fell in love with this dress. It fit me perfectly and if I was actually looking for a dress like this and not regular clothing, my shopping trip would have ended right here.

I seriously expected a hair and make up team to come rushing to my side at any given moment.

shop10 shop11

Well the fun eventually had to end because I hadn’t bought one single thing yet and it had already been about 3 hours since we started. But I couldn’t leave without showing you these winning outfits we saw on our way out.

shop14 shop13 

We hit a few more places with no luck. Then we saw this little shop in a strip mall and decided to stop in. It’s called Maurice’s and they had pretty cute clothes. I ended up buying a couple of shirts. This is one of them. Look they even knew I was coming and put my name on my dressing room door.


We ended our shopping trip by going to Target and surprisingly I was able to find a pair of shorts and a pair of capris and two tank tops there. Which pretty much ended my shopping trip because I was spent and so was my BFF.

So sadly this is all I achieved in a total of about 7 hours of shopping, minus lunch at Jason’s Deli.

1 pair of shorts

1 pair of capris

2 cute tank tops

2 cute nicer tops

Is it me or is it the stores?  Why do I have such a hard time? Do you have a hard time?

Well until next time. If there is a next time. I think I’ll just stick to finding those gems at the thrift stores and garage sales.

Have a FANTABULOUS day my sweet friends.


  1. Fun stuff! I want that dress(the first one) in Peacock blue!!!! :)

    Um,and lunch was in the car, so really shopping was a wholel 6 1/2 hours, lol. Yup.
    I am glad you got some stuff though.

  2. Believe me - it is NOT you! Shopping at the store is very hard! I don't like trying things on at the store, so I just pick up what I like the looks of, take it home and try it on and then return it in a few days. Nothing fits!

  3. Looks like you 2 had a lot of fun. I'm not a big mall shopper either.. though I have found that I like the H&M store a lot.
    Glad to see you were able to find some new clothes..
    and you look MAWWVELOUS!! ;-)

  4. I like when you show us your shopping trips.


  5. Meh! I'm not much of a clothes shopper either and find that when I happen to walk past something I like I don't have the money and when I do have the resources everything is ugly!

  6. Yep... Clothes shopping is so overrated!! I do a mix of half new clothes half recycled and create outfits.
    Congrats on your weight loss. You look marvy,

  7. You girls looked GREAT in those fancy dresses...it looks like you had limited options, but I'm glad you came up with a few things. You look wonderful!

  8. I love the red and teal dresses!!! They fit you two perfect :)


  9. oh you are too funny Kim!! I think you look GORGEOUS..tall and all (I'm blessed with shortness) I think shopping not so much about the buying..it's about having a laugh and learning to like and appreciate who we are!

  10. SO glad you finally showed us the trip my friend!! So sad that you shopped for all those hours and that's all you found. But that happens to me whenever I'm out shopping for anything specific - then I don't find anything I like. I see things I like when I'm not looking! The trick is to buy it when you see it rather than waiting for a big shopping trip.

    Looks like you guys had fun though! And at least you got a few things!

    Big you-look-simply-stunning-in-that-red-gown-and-the-others-too-so-maybe-you-should-just-wear-evening-gowns-for-daily-wear size hugs to you!! Love you my pretty friend! :)

  11. You DO look great!! I have issues too. I hate shopping. And I can't even remember the last time I clothes shopped in the mall. My entire wardrobe comes from Goodwill. :) And I'm fine with that!


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