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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

And the Gingerbread House Competition Winner is……

MINE!!! But it couldn’t have gotten any closer. My hubby was only down one vote. My kids were even in the running this year. They just keep getting better and better every year.


As you know we do this for fun. But to say we all don’t want to win would be lying. Ha!

The kids really look forward to doing this every year. Heck, I really look forward to it as well. It has become one of our favorite family Christmas traditions.

This year we didn’t have time for each of us to go buy our own special planned out candy so we all were working with the same stuff. So in a way it evened out the playing field. *smile*

Every year I start out not having a clue on what I’m going to do but I just start placing candy here and there and all of a sudden it starts to take shape. I will admit that I scraped off and started over a few times because I kept getting inspired AFTER I had placed something on my house.

My youngest (10) was the creator of Bowsers Castle. I think he did a marvelous job this year. He really put a lot of effort into his. Though I think he would have gotten more votes if he would have put something on his sides. I probably should have told him that BEFORE the competition but like I said, we all want to win. Ha! Ha!

IMG_7624_thumb4IMG_7603_thumb2 IMG_7613_thumb2

My 13 year old created Christmas Lodge. He kept glancing over at mine and I might have called him a cheater once or twice, (in fun of course) but I think he did a great job as well.

IMG_7628_thumb5IMG_7606_thumb2 IMG_7611_thumb2

My super duper hubbalicious was the builder of the Starlight Inn. I was sweating this one. My hubby is way more creative and methodical than I am and every year he gives me a run for my money, or gingerbread in this case. (I think he might have been praying in the picture. Seeking a higher power for help. Ha!) *Cheater* *Smirk*


And then we come to mine. I’m happy with this one more than some of the others I’ve done in the past. Though it was kind of tough to make use of some of the candy. But I guess that just makes it more challenging.

IMG_7619_thumb5IMG_7609_thumb5 IMG_7610_thumb3

Thank you to all who voted. If you’d like to check out years past, I have the links below. It’s fun to see how much better the boys have gotten.

Gingerbread Competition 2014









Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Gingerbread House Competition 2015

Yes I realize I have been absent for quite some time but this is one of those memories that I have to document on my blog because I love going back and looking at past competitions.

If you’ve been a long time reader of my blog you’ll understand that we do this just for fun. There are no hurt feeling and we want you to vote honestly for your favorite. And because we don’t want you to know who made which one I won’t be giving you any details until a later date.

There are 4 total to choose from this time. (My daughter was busy with baby) *smile*

So without further ado.

House #1

Bowsers Castle

IMG_7624IMG_7623  IMG_7625

House #2

The Starlight Inn

IMG_7615IMG_7614  IMG_7616

House #3

The Candy Coated Cabin

IMG_7619IMG_7618  IMG_7621

House #4

The Christmas Tree Lodge

IMG_7628IMG_7627  IMG_7631

And our honorable mention was made by a friend of ours but it’s not in the competition. He had a rough start but it ended up looking really nice.

The Snowflake Inn

IMG_7633IMG_7632  IMG_7634

Here is a picture of all of them side by side.


Now get to voting. If you’d rather leave a vote on my Homesteader’s Heart FB page feel free to leave one under this post on my wall.


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